Politics Advocate for Student Safety Students should be held accountable for their conduct. Students and staff have a right to a safe, secure learning and work environment. I support the Kern Highs efforts in school safety. Their police force and security personnel are vital to this effort. The fact that the districts suspension and expulsion rates are higher than most districts indicates to me that disruptive and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. Expelled students are provided an opportunity to attend one of five alternative high schools which are more structured and closely supervised. Fuchsia Ward, the Director of Alternative Education, reports that many of the kids in the program get their act together and .e back to the .prehensive sites and graduate. In tight budget times, protecting school safety personnel from cuts will be challenging. In the last year alone, the KHSD has been forced to reduce the number of campus supervisors at each campus. As a Trustee, my job will be to ensure the safety of students and staff by protecting police and safety personnel jobs whenever possible. At the end of the day, the one thing every parent wants most is the same thing every teacher and every administrator wants most; for their students to return home safe. A students own choices figure prominently in their overall safety. I support the wide variety of programs to be found at KHSD campuses which encourage students to make sound decisions with regard to drug and alcohol use. I also support the KHSDs very unique, very successful Abstinence/HIV Awareness program. I am also supportive of student clubs and activities which teach students the values of .munity service and respect for all races, religions, cultures and ethnicities. I support the use of canine drug detection teams recently implemented at our campuses. The dogs employed in this effort are specially trained for this purpose and are highly skilled. The dog searches student lockers and cars in student parking lots but not students themselves. This seems to me a reasonable balance of individual rights and District responsibilities. While visits on a random basis to each KHSD campus last year did not result in any hits, we cannot determine from this statistic the effectiveness of the program About the Author: 相关的主题文章: