During the 13 week of the Shanghai Art Festival, the whole art circle is focused on the East, and Shanghai, the country’s largest city, will launch the Shanghai art week on. For the audience, in a city of 24 million 500 thousand residents who choose to visit the place is a very challenging thing, so we are finishing the tour guide this simple and clear for you to quickly browse, make your journey more convenient art. West Coast Art & Design expo. Photo: West Bund & Design; Art. Those who hold the high-profile Shanghai third West Coast Art and Design Expo VIP card within 8 days of admission to the audience, while others have to wait until 9 days before we can see from the 31 top Chinese and overseas exhibitors exhibits. Has confirmed the presence of exhibitors include Bai Lifang (White Cube), Trona (David Zwirner), Hauser and Voss (Hauser & Wirth), Bei Haodeng (Perrotin), Glaston (Gladstone) and other international well-known galleries as well as BANK and Aike-Dallarco to the gallery. The fourth session of the ART021 Art Fair ART021 int.. Photograph: Courtesy of art021 fourth ART021 Art Fair will be opened in November 10th preview. The show, which includes 84 exhibitors from around the world and around the world, is bigger than its rivals. The show is divided into 3 blocks, contemporary art mainly concentrated in twenty-first Century, including Naftali, Greene, jonard exhibitors Hauser and Voss, Massimode Carlo and many other institutions. Approach unit will be launched in an individual exhibition of artists of all ages, participating institutions, including Manila 1335 Mabini, Bratislava SODA Gallery, Galeri Huit, such as the. In addition, the exhibition also includes public art projects as the focus of the "Beyond" unit. Shanghai Biennale Hu song, "labor" (The Labor Song I evening I Night, 2016). Photograph: Courtesy Shanghai Biennale Shanghai Biennale is an International Art Biennale for China’s oldest and most influential. This year’s eleventh exhibition will present the works of 92 artists from around the world. This year’s exhibition was developed by Raqs Media Collective, and the starting point of their planning was "why not ask?" "- this is the theme of this year’s biennial. The main venue of the Biennale was opened in 2012 by an old power plant transformation and space, but also in the city around the venue of the exhibition, including the the Peace Hotel Swatch Ae相关的主题文章: