Food-and-Drink Despite Defra’s efforts to promote honest food labelling, campaigner Rob Ward warns of the perils facing shoppers looking for high quality authentic food, and suggests we may be serving up more than one turkey this Christmas. Thursday 10 December Defra are hosting a Christmas market in Covent Garden featuring producers of foods registered under the EU Protected Food Names Scheme. This scheme offers legal protection to smaller food manufacturers to ensure that the way they describe the origin and nature of their products cannot be used by other producers who don’t adhere to the same restrictions on where and how the product is made. Business consultant and expert on food provenance, Rob Ward, said: "The scheme, and Defra’s effort to promote UK .panies who bear its marque, is .mendable. But it does highlight an irony. The producers at the market will have spent a good deal of time and effort (and therefore money) applying for their Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) or Traditional Speciality Guarantee (TSG) status. "Meanwhile, our supermarket shelves remain stacked with products bearing misleading, ambiguous and, in some cases downright false, descriptions. Surely the burden should be on these .panies to clean up their act, rather than on producers .mitted to honest labelling?" Concerned that the wool was being pulled over consumers’ eyes by inaccurate and ambiguous labelling, Rob recently launched the Honest Food Labelling Campaign in a bid to fight food f.ery. The campaign offers shoppers the opportunity to out sinners and praise angels in the food industry and hopes to use people power to force brands to make changes. Ward explained: "Consumers have a right to be able to make informed choices about the food they buy and they can only do this if labelling is clear and honest, especially at this time of year when people are prepared to spend a bit more for what they believe to be authentic festive food. "But they might be serving up a ‘real turkey’ rather than a real turkey for Christmas lunch. During my investigations I’ve spotted a feast of misleading labels. One example is a Tecos’British Goose Fat roasted Potatoes, British the potatoes maybe, but the Goose fat is not. Many more examples can be found at their HOnest Labelling website. And don’t – check the label on your festive fowl. If it doesn’t say ‘farm fresh turkey’ on the label, it isn’t a turkey fresh from the farm. And if it does, look for the TSG logo which proves it is what it says it is." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: