Mo negative winter sun   this week the main "fine" Song – Jiangxi Channel – last weekend, my province is sunny, the temperature rose, the province’s highest temperature yesterday generally rose to more than 10 DEG C. According to the meteorological department’s latest forecast, this week I, sunny weather with little rain, the highest temperature will be ranked above 10 DEG C. The weather is fine, a lot of people in Nanchang to the river to play. (reporter Xu Nanping) today, the province’s meteorological department analysis, sunny and cloudy tomorrow, North Jiangxi Province Cloud increased, and in northern afternoon to evening local area has weak precipitation. 30, the province’s cloudy. Expected from December 1st to 3, the province cloudy to sunny weather. In December 4th, Jiangxi Gannan cloudy; northern Jiangxi cloudy overcast, the local area has weak precipitation. Meteorological experts said that from the latest meteorological data, until this weekend, the province generally maintain the fine weather, the weather has had laundry clothing home, can use this time to "wash". However, due to the recent relatively abundant water vapor, yesterday morning I, some places appeared fog, is expected today in our province some areas may still be fog, driving people to pay attention to early warning information, pay attention to traffic safety. In addition, this week, the province more than the highest temperature will continue to rise, in the above 10 DEG C, until later in the week to 20 degrees during the day, as warm as in spring, but the temperature is still running at 10 DEG C low, cold and warm can not relax. According to the forecast, Nanchang this week, mostly, the morning fog in some areas; 29 cloudy, local area has weak precipitation; 30 cloudy; on December 1st to 3 December 4th last day, cloudy overcast, the local area has weak precipitation. (Southern Metropolis Daily) (commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: