Division staff to do false criminal detention was   CBA like "more than just winning" – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn original title: Division staff to do false criminal detention was "more than just winning" CBA like the original title: "CBA Guaixiang more than just winning" Liaoning team home court is very popular, with a variety of genuine and fake documents, approach watching the "expert" also appeared. Guangzhou Daily reporter Huang Wei yesterday, Liaoning media reported the news: a Liaoning Benxi division of the venue staff, used his position to the public security organs and CBA seal forged documents to illegal profits, eventually jailed. In fact, CBA has been a lot of phenomenon, not only happens in the game, more also appeared in the "more than just winning the match. During the period of the staff to do false jailed for the 2014~2015 season, Benxi division of the venue staff will work on behalf of certain documents to another fan for a certain season, the advertising company of friends will scan documents down, renamed after making a fake work permit for his watch. See this on behalf of certain business profitable, modeled on over, after also forged the "Benxi city public security management detachment" false seal printed on false, with 300 yuan in the production of 5 card, the price of each $1000 sold 3 copies, has been seized with false buyers when watching. On behalf of certain was arrested after Benxi City Mingshan District People’s court sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for 6 months and fined 10 thousand yuan. So, on behalf of certain and come home shorn, not money won a penalty. In each division, false events have occurred, Chinese Basketball Association in each season the production of documents and audit work just took a few levels, repeatedly, but each audit division has a "Fairy", there are always with all kinds of relationships, holding a variety of genuine and fake documents, to play the ball "an expert". False case, not the first, nor the last. Team boss for the first CBA speaking on the court sentenced the team boss, many fans will remember that an CBA team of Yunnan honghe. Han Zhikun is the director, former Yunnan Province Honghe Autonomous Prefecture Sports Bureau in 2004, Yunnan Bulls basketball team set up and achieved good results of the fourth CBA in the 2004~2005 season. In 2007 the club team restructuring, chairman Han Zhikun quit the sports bureau work to become chairman of the club. But the Yunnan team to score in the next few years, also appeared on the problem. Although Han Zhikun has been verbal assurances, they can through the development of gold operation team to "blood transfusion", but the fact that this is all about. In the end, the club of Yunnan became history, and Han Zhikun’s promises were not fulfilled. In mid September 2009, Han Zhikun was arrested, the court found that Han Zhikun repeatedly embezzlement and misappropriation of funds, the money club, a final trial to decide the furnace, Han Zhikun was sentenced to 20 years. The team can not be out of the food, but the team boss corruption imprisonment, which sounds strange, but in fact think about it, it is not surprising. The ticket price is also pending this season several unsolved CBA, both for)相关的主题文章: