UnCategorized I am asked all the time if using hypnotic mind control is ethical and the best answer I can give is… All .munication is hypnosis and manipulation. When you talk to someone and they zone out, they unconsciously take in what you’ve said regardless of whether they consciously take in what you said. Also when you are asking someone to do something, whatever it is, you are trying to persuade them. Like if you want someone to give you a ride somewhere, that too is manipulative. The litmus test of ethical as far as I’m concerned is who’s interests are you concerned with? Let me put it another way. When I was selling mortgages I had a client who wanted to refinance her home. After I sold her a great loan she went home and spoke to her daughter who convinced her to cancel her loan with me. Her daughter wanted mom to .e and live with her so she pressured her into canceling the loan because, why would mom refinance if she was going to just move in with her daughter. Which I would agree with, but… Her mom made it crystal clear to me that she did NOT want to live with her daughter and she absolutely wanted to stay in her home. So I used some hypnotic mind control to get her to move forward with the loan I put together for her. Now before you start thinking that I was doing this for my benefit, (yes I make money if I sold the loan but, I would only sell a loan that helped the borrower aka my client) I saved my client over $1000 per month, gave her the cash she wanted to fix up her home and most importantly gave her a monthly payment she could afford to stay in her home. Now, since staying in her home was the most important thing to her, who had HER best interests at heart me or her daughter? I believe it was me. Remember mom made it clear she wanted to stay in her home and her daughter talked her into moving in with her, which again my client made it clear she wanted to stay in her home. So Using hypnotic mind control was 100% ethical, because I followed the wishes of my client. I kept her in her home with a payment she could afford. That is why ethics depend on how you treat other people and using hypnotic mind control can be 100% ethical if YOU choose to be 100% ethical About the Author: 相关的主题文章: