Delicious curry will get fat? How many calories are curry curry will lead: fat? Curry was introduced into China as a spice in India, and its pungent and exotic fragrance attracted many diners. However, the amount of curry is very high, we do not greedy. (source: 39 Health) curry is a kind of spice in India, mostly with meat or rice. Curry in China, love by young people, such as curry fish balls, curry rice, Curry Chicken… Spicy and exotic flavors are sought after. However, eat curry fat? Curry heat: hectogram curry about 415G calories, compared with only about 115-116 Steamed Rice 100g card! So eat curry fat? It is reported that, although the high calorie curry, curry, spices, but help to wake up the body function, accelerate the metabolism of fat, inhibit fat accumulation. Breakfast to eat homemade curry rice, equal to the beginning of the day to press the slimming switch, of course, may lose weight. However, Xiao Bian think, this is Different people, different views.. How to avoid fat curry? First, choose a healthy curry. A commercially available block salt curry oil, too high, and use a variety of additives, eat the curry can satisfy your appetite and may increase your appetite, imperceptibly eat more fat. When you choose to look at the ingredients to buy Curry oh. Two, do not eat too much curry. This does not have to make it up, a lot of people like to eat curry, when the rice is full of a layer of curry, rice finished, curry is full, so do not eat fat! Three, with healthy ingredients. Now the curry fish balls have invaded many convenience stores, we still keep good mouth. Curry and Steamed Rice collocation, will Steamed Rice and curry (200 grams) together with food, Steamed Rice can choose the high nutritional value of brown or Steamed Rice what is the valley of rice, can promote metabolism and calorie consumption, and the issue of satiety signal to the brain, avoid eating more food. In addition to Steamed Rice, curry potatoes or Curry Chicken is also a good choice, the potato is not only low in calories, and fat content is very low, at least in the content of all boxes of food, which is beneficial to control the amount of fat intake in the diet. Moreover, the potato moisture content is very high, hectogram up to 78.6 grams, with dietary fiber, after eating a satiety, to avoid excessive intake, which is the key element in weight control. Chicken meat and less fat content, but to give up the best skin, fat in the skin!  相关的主题文章: