Dante "password" World Premiere   Tom? Hanks lift burning brain frenzy – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn the much anticipated 2016 annual burning brain IN adventure movie "Dante password" coming in the global release. The day before, the film in Italy Florence held a huge four day world premiere, Director Ron Howard?, the original novel author Dan Brown? Starring Tom Hanks and Felici together? Ti? Jones, Omar, Irfan Khan? Match? And other creative were present, and the global fans together to meet this new adventure burning brain blockbuster release. Tom in this new series, Hanks played Robert?? professor Landon, who was unknown attacks suffered amnesia. While in exile, Landon also found a mysterious man trying to spread the plague in the world, makes the earth a poet Dante’s depiction of the "hell" of the conspiracy. Landon must get rid of the enemy’s desperate to kill, but also to race against time, ahead of time to crack the puzzle in the outbreak of plague, save the world. It is reported that the film will be on the mainland in October 28th to 2D IMAX and Chinese giant screen format with the release of North america. Tom? Hanks and the stars appeared 3D water curtain show won the praise of "unusual" local time on October 8th, the movie "Dante code" world premiere was held at the Florence opera house. The premiere lineup unprecedented, "Robert? Landon" series of iron triangle combination — Oscar winning director Howard and actor Tom Lang? Oscar? Hanks and the original novel author Dan Brown? Have appeared in art in Italy Florence, instant seckill Philippine forest countless, caused more fans screaming fans large. With the "theory of everything" Oscar nominated actress Felici Jones, who’s? "Intouchables" popular in the world of French actor Omar? Race, "in life of Pi" Irfan Khan? Starring also appeared on the red carpet, the audience and the media with zero distance communication from all over the world. Share experiences and anecdotes taken backstage. The line of Hollywood star power to send Gongxiangshengju, so luxurious super star lineup is absolutely rare. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: