Create high-end residential land sold 3 billion 400 million yuan Taiyuan Normal University site Shanxi evening news September 17th (reporter Vivian to Xi Yue) in September 14th, Taiyuan ushered in the first time Kim Gu heavyweight land auction, the original Taiyuan Normal University plots to the auction starting price of 2 billion 234 million yuan, after two hours of intense competition, the final 3 billion 422 million 800 thousand yuan Huarun to the success of the land in the bag, the premium rate of 53.22%. Taiyuan Normal University block is located in the city center, adjacent to the inner South Street, State Road, South Road, Shahe road and other sports in recent years to complete the transformation of Expressway under construction Metro Line 2 nanneihuan Street Station "in west station, traffic accessibility, travel is very convenient, many investors. At the beginning of the auction, the block was dubbed the "Coronation of the king.". In the day of the auction, the land attracted Metro holdings, Vanke, Huarun, Suning 4 companies compete. The day of the auction will continue until 9:30, 11:30 until the end, within two hours of the auction, the competition between 4 very close bidders. Block starting price of 2 billion 233 million 800 thousand yuan, a single increase of $89 million, starting floor price of $4714.31 square meters. The auction started after 4 bidders are bidding turns. When the auction price to 2 billion 411 million 800 thousand yuan, Suning home and fierce competition between Huarun. When the lift rate to 3 billion 273 million, Metro holdings suddenly popped up, then Huarun and Metro holdings launched last fight ". In the auction process, the 3 adjustment range, from 89 million yuan to adjust to $60 million to $50 million, the final fare adjustment to 30 million yuan. In the end, after 17 rounds of bidding, Huarun to $3 billion 422 million 800 thousand in the success of this land parcel. The land price of 16 million 860 thousand acres of land, the floor price of $7223 square meters. According to statistics, the State Road SP-1627 block Taiyuan District of Yingze City, located in the State Road in Yingze district to the west, South to the inner South Street, north to the Taiyuan Normal University, east of state road. Land area of 135380.98 square meters, the volume rate of 3.5, the land use for residential and commercial nurseries, compatible with primary school, green rate of 30%. The parcel is composed of three plots of land, land area of 111722.77 square meters, including 58697.52 square meters of commercial, residential Allocation allocation of 48025.25 square meters; two plots of land area of 11965.75 square meters, for the purpose of primary school; three plots of land area of 11692.46 square meters for commercial purposes. Transfer period of 40 years, 70 years of residential, commercial, kindergarten, primary school 50 years. Subsequently, Huarun official micro display, the future will be built into a high-end residential areas here.相关的主题文章: