Cotton candy is the SONY Z5 series Android 6.0-   digital upgrade next month Sohu; Zhongguancun online news: Although Google early in September this year released Android  6.0  Marshmallow, but most of the current flagship are still using Lollipop system. But recently, the news, clear SONY’s Xperia  Z5 will begin to push Android  next month; 6. FalseNugget twitter   according to the British FalseNugget twitter confirmed that the overseas edition of Xperia  Z5 series from March 7th that push Android  6, in addition to the Z5 series also includes Z4  Tablet, Z3+; and a total of five models.   SONY released in September this year, the Xperia  Z5 series;     SONY in September this year released Xperia  IFA  2015; Z5  Compact, Xperia  Z5, Xperia  Z5  Premium, then after the two configuration models with higher to the domestic, and called Xperia  Z5 exclusive edition.     Xperia  3GB  Z5 Z5 exclusive edition is equipped with 810 Xiaolong processor; RAM+4GB  ROM, 23 million pixel camera and 5 million pixel front camera. Among them, Z5 Zun enjoy version uses 5.5 inches 4K screen, the price is 5699 yuan, and Z5 is 5.2 inches 1080p screen, the price is 4999 yuan. 棉花糖将至 索尼Z5系列下月升级安卓6.0-搜狐数码  中关村在线消息:虽然谷歌早在今年9月便发布了Android 6.0 Marshmallow,但目前大部分旗舰都还在使用Lollipop系统。不过近日传来消息,明确索尼的Xperia Z5将在下月开始推送Android 6.0。 FalseNugget推特  根据英国FalseNugget推特证实,海外版Xperia Z5系列将从3月7号起证实推送Android 6.0、而除了Z5系列还包括Z4 Tablet、Z3+等共五款机型。  索尼今年9月发布了Xperia Z5系列   索尼在今年9月的IFA 2015上发布了Xperia Z5 Compact、Xperia Z5、Xperia Z5 Premium,之后便将后两款配置较高的机型带到了国内,并将其称为Xperia Z5尊享版。   Xperia Z5 Z5尊享版均搭载骁龙810处理器,3GB RAM+4GB ROM,2300万像素主摄像头以及500万像素的前置摄像头。其中Z5尊享版使用了5.5英寸4K屏,售价5699元,而Z5则为5.2英寸1080p屏,售价4999元。相关的主题文章: