Home-Improvement Hardwood flooring can be a lovely new addition to your home, but deciding which floor to purchase based on style, and factoring in the costs can be a real pain in the neck. But no worries. In the first part of this two-part series, well compare of the various types of exotic hardwood flooring options available by style and price. 1) Bamboo Hardwood Floors An eco-friendly flooring option with a cost that ranges anywhere from $4 to $6 per square foot. For a 12 x 12 room, that would be $575 – $1,870. Perfect for folks with minimalist style and lots of open space in their homes. 2) Tigerwood Floors Engineered Tigerwood can cost as little as $2.79 per square foot thats considered dirt-cheap by any standard, let along exotics. But the quality of this product is anything but cheap, and the beauty of this wood, with its caramel-colored variations, is undeniable. 3) Brazilian Cherry The apple of the exotic flooring communitys eyefor now at least! This lovely redwood will deepen in color as it ages and is currently the most popular exotic wood on the market. Looks beautiful when made into furniture as well! Engineered varieties range from $2.79 per square foot to $6.69 for distressed wood. Solids range from $3.69 to $9.12 depending on plank size and distressing techniques. 4) Amendoim Also known as Brazilian Oak, this South American redwood doesnt have quite the redness of cherry, nor does it as photo-sensitive, but it is equally as beautiful, but with softer character lines. Looks best when kept close to its natural state color-wise. Engineered options range from $2.89 to $6.69 per square foot. Solid floors range from $4.09 to $7.70. 5) Brazilian Walnut Considered one of the strongest hardwood species available. Colors range from olive to chocolate brown to black, with swirls in the wood, although not as dramatic as its American counterpart. Like other Brazilian woods, it has a lovely watercolor effect. Solids range from $4.63 to $11.99. The downside to Brazilian Walnut is that there are no engineered options currently available from BR111. 6) Santos Mahogany The rich red hues of this wood look like a vibrant sunset, and combined with the unique grain markings, this hardwood is unlike any other. A very affordable exotic with engineered products ranging from $3.19 to $6.69, with solids starting at just $4.99 up to $13.85 for a monstrous 7 wide plank. A variety of plank sizes available but only one real color option, although changing the color would detract from the woods natural beauty. Creates a very regal-looking floor. For more information on exotic hardwood floors, talk to an authorized exotic hardwoods reseller, and stay tuned for part two where we compare domestics! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: