The cold air supplement to   the city of Shenzhen this morning temperatures are only 11 DEG C – Shenzhen channel: original title: cold air temperature is only 11 degrees to supplement this morning after the rain cold blast in Shenzhen in November 27th, although sunny, but the weather is cold, the highest temperature at 19 degrees celsius. Shenzhen meteorological observatory predicted that this week, affected by cold air supplement, sooner or later, the weather is cold, in the late period, the temperature picked up. People should pay attention to weather changes, timely prevention of disease. Continue to be affected by cold air, today is still cloudy weather, part of the time the weather is cloudy. In the early morning of the minimum temperature maintained at 11 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature during the day at around 19 degrees Celsius, and the weather is cold, the public should pay attention to warm cold, to guard against the cold. When using gas equipment, should pay attention to indoor ventilation, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. The wind and land, maintain the 2-3 grade of the north wind, average wind coastal area about 4, coastal and highland gust still reached 5-6 level. The air humidity is moderate, the minimum relative humidity is 65%, the maximum humidity is 85%. Shenzhen municipal meteorological observatory forecast, 29 days more cloudy, with scattered light rain, the minimum temperature of 13 degrees, the maximum temperature of 17 degrees celsius. 30 to December 4th, no obvious cold air, cloudy, visible sunlight, the temperature gradually picked up, the maximum temperature rose to 21 degrees C -22. In addition, the "typhoon tokage" (strong tropical storm level) on the afternoon of 27 is about 800 km away from Shenzhen, is expected in the future of Shenzhen has no direct impact of wind and rain. (reporter Li Xiuyu) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Chen Yuzhu)相关的主题文章: