"City of fantasy" ended "ice" Gong Beibi the hearts of the audience did not line Sohu Gong Beibi entertainment "-" ending recently, directed by Ju not Yao off the media director, William Feng, Victoria Song, produced, Ma Tianyu, Gong Beibi, Cheng Peipei et al. Starring drama fantasy "-" in Hunan satellite TV and online ending. A strong star cast and cool realistic special effects scenes for the show is not broadcast before the fire, the industry attracted attention and spectators. In the play, "Ice Queen" actor Gong Beibi also because of its superb acting and elegant image, to many viewers left a deep impression. Gong Beibi highly reduced role "ice" by the original party sought Gong Beibi elegant TV drama "city of fantasy" adapted from Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name "city of fantasy", adaptation of best-selling novel model TV series based on the characters in the TV audience for the reduction degree of attention is also. "Ice" in a corner of the whole drama plays an important role, as the hero of "Castle" mother, not only to protect children and husband, more have to shoulder the entire ice family of vital importance. Gong Beibi not only to restore the height of the novel "ice" elegant, the image of the mother of a country gentle, more will, of Castle ice king, and the whole family of small ice love and love the most incisive performance. Many of the original party have said: Gong Beibi for "ice" image interpretation and the novel high similarity, showmanship, "ice" a more vivid, given a more profound feelings in the play, also let Gong Beibi as the "ice" is more outstanding. Chinese clothing beauty body "ice" Gong Beibi is as beautiful as the Bobbi doll in addition to cool special effects, it is also worth mentioning is the characters of the shape and clothing design. As the queen of the ice race has a noble lineage, after the ice, there is always a gorgeous and ice with the characteristics of the family background. Slim, perfect Gong Beibi in silver foil makeup and costumes fine body, more kingly, many audiences will usher in a country after the noble temperament in the TV series premiered on the same day, Gong Beibi was born with the sun in the online clothing Bobbi doll made photos, netizens have attracted praise sister: "baby" ice after modeling beautiful, Bobbi doll that visual sense!" "Gong Beibi is the king of the noble temperament, domineering!" Wait。 TV drama "city of fantasy" despite the ending, but Gong Beibi’s interpretation of "ice" has no line in the hearts of the audience, many users are reluctant to "ice" and "ice after the call ended," to meet again. It is reported that Gong Beibi next year there will be a TV drama "Westward Journey", "Ji", "Er choose day biography" works on screen, powerful actor partner will lead to popular idol, how exciting content, so stay tuned.相关的主题文章: