When considering training in hypnotherapy, it is essential that you choose a reputable, ethical training programme. You may have been enthused by a particularly good experience of hypnotherapy to train yourself. If so great! However do take your time and use the following 5 tips to guarantee you choose an excellent Hypnotherapy Training Programme. 1. Ensure that the Hypnotherapy Training Institute is fully accredited Remember that any decent training institute, should be accredited by a reputable external body. Accreditation will ensure that the Institution meets certain standards in training and follows established models of good practice. Take the initiative and contact the Institute. Ask questions and seek testimonials from satisfied students. A good Institute will wel.e the approach. 2. Ensure the focus is on Clinical Hypnosis not Stage Hypnosis. Be sure to examine the curriculum to establish just what will be taught. Stage hypnosis is .pletely different to clinical hypnosis. Yes – you will need to know what stage hypnosis is in case a client asks you (there are many fears and anxieties in the world of hypnosis). However, your primary purpose will be to help people not to laugh at them. People wanting to cluck like a chicken can apply elsewhere! 3. Consider the length of Training Training in hypnotherapy demands time, attention, and money. Consider whether you want a shorter or less intensive training e.g. a weekend training, or a longer more intensive training – taking anything up to a couple of years to actually .plete. Logically, you cannot realistically learn all necessary skills to be a fully-fledged hypnotherapist in a few weekends so be wary of any Institute making outlandish claims. As always in life you get what you pay for. 4. Insist on an Interview before enrolling It is essential that you are both interviewed by the prospective Institution, and that you also conduct your own interview of it as a potential training establishment. This will ensure that you receive an accurate assessment of your suitability for such training, whilst allowing you to gauge whether your training needs will be met. 5. Make sure the training has a practical .ponent You cannot learn all you need to know about hypnosis and its applications through theory alone. You will also need to have some practical ‘hands on’ instruction in order to perfect your skills. For this reason an appropriate balance between lectures and practical sessions is essential. Classroom training will allow you to question and understand the theory, whilst experiencing the practice of hypnosis in a safe supportive environment. This is essential for building both your confidence and skill and also your knowledge base. Coupled with homework and assignments, this will ensure a much richer .prehensive training experience. In turn it will make for a more confident and .petent therapist. The decision to train as a hypnotherapist is equally an exciting and important one. 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