Chongqing City Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin four violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central issue of the National Day holiday is approaching, in order to further serious discipline, is now the subject of the recent investigation of the violation of the provisions of the central provisions of the spirit of the following eight bulletin as follows: eight. Wulong County Shiqiao Xiang issued Tianjin illegal subsidies. In 2015 2016, before the Spring Festival, stone Township Party committee held a special meeting, decided to study the illegal taking of project funds issued "work to the township leadership team members and some middle-level cadres". In June 2016, when he was party secretary of Leibo Shi Qiao xiang by the party a serious warning. Qiao xiang deputy party secretary, mayor Li Zongji by Party warning. Qiao xiang Secretary Huang Chuanxu due to inadequate oversight responsibility and received illegal subsidies by the party warning, and was removed from the Commission for Discipline Inspection duties. Qiao xiang Liu Yongcheng United Front members by the party warning. Illegal subsidies paid to be confiscated. Double station Wuxi County primary school vice principal Jia Jixue, even primary school teacher Mrs. Kong Jun violations make arrangements for his son entrance feast. In August 12, 2016, Wuxi County Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses, Jia Jixue and his wife Kong Jun will be the next day for the entrance feast. County Commission for Discipline Inspection instructed the County Board of education to exhort to Jia Jixue and Kong Jun, the morning of August 13th, the County Board of education specially sent to the restaurant scene to discourage, but Jia Jixue and Kong Jun insisted on his son do not listen to discourage entrance feast 16 tables. In August 2016, Jia Jixue received a demerit, and was removed from the two primary school vice principal duties, from two primary school. Kong Jun received a demerit. The problem of villages and towns Dazu District Center Management Director Ou Guozhu illegal use of the bus and reimbursed personal expenses. From October 2011 to January 2013, the European unit bus to Guozhu repeatedly the use of Eugen wen. In 2013, European Guozhu repeatedly will entertain relatives and friends for meals through false invoices way refueling fee expense. During the investigation, the European initiative restitution related costs guozhu. In August 2016, the European Guozhu by party a serious warning, and was removed from the village and town construction management center director on duty. Wansheng youth board through the opening of the town of Liao village Party branch secretary Xu Yuechang illegal organization of public funds tourism. April 2015, Xu Yuechang rate village cadres and villagers on behalf of 18 people to Sichuan, Pujiang, Qionglai and other places to study fruit cultivation, tea cultivation and rural tourism, etc.. During the visit, Xu Yuechang decided to change the route of the expedition to Jiangjin, led to the simian mountain scenic tour, the tour costs of public funds for reimbursement. In September 2016, Xu Yuechang by the party warning, participants restitution related costs. Seriously investigate and deal with the above problems, reflects the party organizations at all levels to earnestly implement the central decision-making deployment and municipal requirements, strict discipline, from the grasp of relaxation and endless correct "four winds determination", the majority of Party members and cadres should learn a lesson from it, learn a lesson. At present, National Day coming, the city party organizations at all levels to effectively assume overall responsibility strictly, strengthen supervision and inspection, timely education reminder, and resolutely put an end to violations of the provisions of the central eight mental problems. Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should continue to force pressure, adhere to deepen, adhere to the deepening, so that the standard does not fall, the requirements are not loose, measures are not reduced, the atmosphere is not light. day相关的主题文章: