Chinese and foreign experts dialogue "The Belt and Road" – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Chinese and foreign experts dialogue "The Belt and Road" Camel Bells along the Silk Road, the ancient capital of echo. In September 27th, "a road area? International Chinese civilization dialogue forum" held in Shaanxi of Xi’an. More than 30 experts from more than a dozen countries and regions along the Silk Road, around the theme of the reconstruction of Chinese civilization and the construction of the community of human destiny, a wide range of dialogue, in-depth exchanges, stirring ideas. The forum is one of the The Belt and Road International Symposium on "series of activities organized by the Shaanxi provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, to strengthen cultural self-confidence, strengthen cultural play, together the powerful positive energy to catch up beyond. The experts set up Chinese civilization initiative, the reception hall in Shaanxi, for all countries and regions along the Silk Road to build a civilized dialogue and exchange platform, to promote world civilization and mutual learning and common development. Ask the spirit of the Silk Road from which deeper mining the traditional Chinese culture is broad and profound, has a long history of Chinese civilization ". "The Belt and Road ‘, is the history of Chinese civilization and modern docking, is also deeply on the core values of Chinese civilization, the dean of Northwestern University Institute of Chinese civilization Sun Haohui on the topic of" essence of architecture China civilization and its basic points ", launched a keynote speech. In his view, to regain the spirit of the Silk Road, is the best interpretation of the core values of Chinese civilization. Six years four Silk Road, let the vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Xiao Yunru on the silk road has a vivid and profound understanding. In his eyes, the world can not find a way, such as the Silk Road, a profound and extensive impact on world history and Chinese history, it is the most important link in the development of human civilization. The spirit of the silk road is "going out development, the development of the hand". In his opinion, the spirit of the Silk Road Chinese deeply rooted in the profound traditional culture, inherits the jade culture — Taking the China peace instead of war, with comity, contain the world the concept of international relations. The opening ceremony of the forum, Northwestern University released "Chinese Civilization Research Report", China and Uzbekistan cooperation "West Tianshan area of the ancient nomadic culture and archaeological research project". These two results show that the joint archaeological lasted 7 years, the harvest is not only the rich archaeological discovery and cultural heritage protection achievements, but also to understand the countries along the Silk Road history and traditional culture, promote mutual understanding, all the people connected to play an irreplaceable role. Two ask the silk road how to go more to seek win-win cooperation of all the parties to explore the origin of the spirit of the Silk Road, inspired the collision expert thought of china. "The Belt and Road major initiative how to implement, how to combine history and reality, the experts discussed to diversity, depth. Search history, tracing reality, Professor of history at Beijing Normal University, doctoral tutor Wang Kaixi in multiple perspective "The Belt and Road" initiative. He suggested that we should continue to seek win-win cooperation among all parties involved in the development of multi-level exchanges and exchanges between China and foreign countries, especially in the cultural exchanges between ngos. We promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, to learn and learn from all the advantages of human civilization相关的主题文章: