China’s domestic aircraft carrier is steam ejection? Expert: the electromagnetic Catapult – China net recently, the domestic military journals released a new domestic aircraft carrier CV17 imagine effect, domineering. With the announcement of the construction of domestic aircraft carriers in China, the performance of domestic aircraft carriers has caused various speculations. Recently China network spread of a group known as "satellite photos China third aircraft carrier steam catapult", also caused outside of Chinese future aircraft carrier in the end what kind of a new round of speculation. Chinese exposure on the network multi satellite picture display, in a China suspected aircraft training center on the runway, two extension of the white line, a length of about 240 meters and 200 meters. Canada "comment" Kanwa Defense 2 issue published the article said, "a lot of intelligence, the future of Jiangnan Shipyard built aircraft carriers will use aircraft launch technology, is currently accelerating preparation". The report said that in the Chinese Xingcheng naval aircraft training base, but also in the construction of the third runway, it is the test project of the catapult. But experts said, only from the satellite photos, it is difficult to judge in the construction of the runway is not steam catapult, even not the catapult is very hard to say. The use of aircraft carrier catapult launch aircraft relative to the ski jump takeoff has more advantages. According to Russia’s operational experience, using ski jump take-off mode, even if the use of a long slide runway, the -15 may not be fully loaded with full takeoff. This has a great influence on the range and the amount of ammunition carried by the fighter. Although the domestic retrofitting aircraft carrier catapult should be a matter of time, but due to the use of Liaoning ship ski jump take-off, it is generally believed that the first batch of China aircraft carriers should adopt the ski jump takeoff way with the f -15 fighter, otherwise the preliminary research achievements of Liaoning ships and fighters -15 will Fu Zhi East, Liaoning ship refit will lose its meaning. Some experts believe that even if the manufacturing China catapult, it should be from high starting point electromagnetic catapult technology to build, without the need to follow from the steam catapult to the electromagnetic launch of the old. Because the two completely follow the different principle, the main technology and no inheritance, not only made steam catapults can make electromagnetic catapult. Earlier reports said the Navy expert power and electrical engineering major general Ma Weiming research including electromagnetic launch, this was widely interpreted as one of the signal Chinese development of electromagnetic launcher. Hongkong media believes that China’s carrier based aircraft catapult technology is no problem, practice is also very smooth, confident to apply to the reality. * (section)

中国国产航母是蒸汽弹射?专家:该用电磁弹射-中新网 近日,国内军事期刊发布了国产新型航母CV17的想象效果图,霸气十足。   随着中国建造国产航母消息的公布,有关国产航母的性能引发各种猜测。近日中国网络流传的一组号称是“中国第三个航母蒸汽弹射器”的卫星照片,更引起外界对中国未来航母到底什么样的新一轮猜测。   中国网络上曝光的多张卫星照片显示,在疑似中国某舰载机训练中心的起飞跑道上,出现两条延伸的白色线条,长度约为240米和200米。加拿大《汉和防务评论》2月刊发布文章称,“很多情报显示,未来江南造船厂建造的国产航母将采用舰载机弹射技术,目前正在加速准备中”。该报道称,在中国兴城海军舰载机训练基地,也在建造第三条跑道,它正是弹射器的测试项目。   不过有专家表示,仅从卫星照片来看,很难判断在建跑道是不是蒸汽弹射器、甚至是不是弹射器都很难说。航母利用弹射器弹射战机,相对于滑跃起飞更具优势。按照俄罗斯的操作经验,采用滑跃起飞方式,即便是采用较长的滑跃跑道,歼-15都可能无法满油满载起飞。这对战机的航程和载弹量有很大影响。尽管国产航母加装弹射器应该只是时间问题,但由于辽宁舰采用滑跃起飞,外界普遍认为,中国首批国产航母应该采用滑跃起飞方式配合歼-15战斗机,否则辽宁舰和歼-15的前期科研成果就将付之东流,改装辽宁舰也就失去意义。   也有专家认为,中国即便制造弹射器,也应该从技术起点较高的电磁弹射器造起,而无需遵循从蒸汽弹射到电磁弹射的老路。因为两者完全遵循不同的技术原理,主要技术上并没有继承性,并不是只有造好了蒸汽弹射器才能造电磁弹射器。   此前有报道称,海军动力与电气工程专家马伟明少将的科研成果中就包括电磁发射,这被广泛解读为中国研制电磁弹射器的信号之一。香港媒体认为,中国舰载机弹射技术完全没有问题,实践也很顺利,有信心运用到现实中去。▲ (章 节)相关的主题文章: