Chengdu in the "sinking"? The fastest one year down 2.8 cm [Abstract] Chengdu to reduce the situation diagram shows that the red point is more concentrated in the southeast direction, the land subsidence is more obvious. Chengdu to reduce the situation diagram shows that the red point is more concentrated in the southeast direction, the land subsidence is more obvious. Nearly three years of land subsidence in Chengdu in July 9, 2014, Chengdu rainstorm. Palm street at a parking lot collapse, 4 cars together with the pit on the ground a few trees in a few meters deep inside. In July 9, 2015 two, a small Huan Lu Bei San Duan, ground collapse, but fortunately no casualties. March 6, 2016, the collapse of the double street pavement. Incident, a taxi into the pit, causing no casualties. Why did the ground collapse? In recent years, a number of ground collapse case was also a group of Surveying and mapping experts in Chengdu noticed. From the beginning of 2013, Sichuan province began a large-scale geographical conditions monitoring project monitoring report, recently has been basically completed, which, given the focus on monitoring regional deformation of Chengdu city the answer – settlement caused by human factors, even collapse accident. 9 afternoon, the WCC reporter walked into the Sichuan Province under the Sichuan Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Surveying and Mapping Engineering Institute Third, listen to the researchers about the change in the unknown under our feet: in fact, because the city construction activities cause active, the land under our feet is indeed in the sink". 7 million 200 thousand settlement point southeast of the city land subsidence according to the objectives and tasks of the most obvious "the development of Surveying and mapping in Sichuan province" in 12th Five-Year "development plan", Sichuan Province third surveying and Mapping Engineering Institute is responsible for key regional deformation monitoring project implementation, as the person in charge of the project, the Engineer Sun Xiaopeng told reporters that the project from the beginning of 2013, election Chengdu, Mianyang, Leshan, the three Chengdu plain city construction activities are active in the city, and that has happened, it is necessary to collect data of debris flow disaster ground deformation in Dujiangyan city to implement four settlement monitoring work. Key areas of ground deformation monitoring by the professional technology, using Permanent Scatterers interferometry radar (PS-InSAR), a regional gathering phase information and amplitude information of radar wave, two times through the interference information is changed, the precision is high, can reach millimeter. Sun Xiaopeng opened a Chengdu city based image range map with image magnification, dense dots of different colors are more and more. A total of more than 730 points, different colors, representing the degree of relative settlement." As can be seen from the chart, Chengdu City area, Southeast of the red dot is obviously the most intensive, and red represents the settlement area is relatively high. Along the MTR settlement expert: This is normal, not necessarily dangerous based image of Chengdu city limits presented on the computer screen, Sun Xiaopeng software, hidden information highway and railway line, but he pointed to the screen and said: "you see this several yellow color, outline the contours can discern the trend is currently built in Chengdu and in the construction of several subway lines, this is the subway construction shows the obvious trend of settlement." Through the monitoring found that the subway through the regional rate of change to相关的主题文章: