CCTV Spring Festival evening show, the biggest feature of the Guilin branch of the water, the general director of the preparatory talks

Guangxi Daily reporter correspondent Li Chunsheng       Liu Qian  

Guilin is "blessed" CCTV director Sun Bin also came to Guilin! As the general director of the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Guilin venue, Sun Bin said: "the show is my desire in the trunk mountain, this desire finally realized!"

Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill is the city emblem, known to the world. In preparation for the "song from Lijiang" 2016 Dragon Boat Festival special program, Sun Bin special team hope to be able to stage on the trunk mountain. However, due to the Guilin in the summer flood season, hydrological conditions are not allowed, this regret has been left in the heart of sun bin. Received the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Guilin venue’s mission, "to build water stage in the trunk mountain idea finally arrives, which makes him very happy and excited. "We hope that through this show, by means of TV, let the elephant trunk hill with a brand-new look stunning debut, in front of the country and the world audience." Sun Bin said.

whether it is the choice of repertoire, allocation of musical instruments, or stage actors, clothing props, such as silk, drums and so on, are very pure elements of Guangxi." Sun Bin said, in addition, the show’s biggest feature is the "water", stage set up in the water, the actors are also completed in the water, and the Harbin, Shanghai, Liangshan three branch field are different, but also reflects the distinctive characteristics of the south.

Sun Bin of Guilin, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Preparatory Committee has a point of praise: "there are 11 groups of 49 member units, 7 construction units in each unit are very serious, responsible, efficient, really great." At the same time, he would also like to thank the Guilin branch of the actors, they are very good. The weather is so cold, we braved the rain again and again following our rehearsal, very great!"