Software Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) presents a powerful range of desktop applications as well as a fully self-contained bootable environment which operates completely independent of your operating system. You will be able to boot into a familiar DOS- or Windows-like environment even if your system hard disk is damaged or your computer is otherwise unbootable. Thanks to the wide range of tools provided, you can handle everything from data recovery to backup and security. The dual boot functionality is easy to use and highly reliable. In addition to the live CD, you will also be able to use the full range of desktop applications from within Windows as well. Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) provides the complete set of tools that any system or network administrator needs and many other people will also find this product to be extremely useful. One of the main components of Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) is the data recovery software, Active@ File Recovery, Active@ UNDELETE and Active@ Partition Recovery. If you have lost important data either due to formatting the disk, deleting a partition or emptying the recycle bin, using these tools can help you to get back what you have lost. These advanced data recovery programs provide the best chance possible of getting back your data intact by thoroughly searching through the file system and presenting you with file previews, search filters and various additional features to help you restore your data. Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) comes with a number of powerful tools to help you optimize the performance of your storage devices as well. It includes a powerful disk defragmenter which you can use on a regular basis to keep your computer running smoothly and loading times down to a minimum. The included boot disk creator is extremely versatile, providing you with a software update module, a firewall state configuration utility and a new and improved user-friendly GUI to work with. Boot Disk also includes support for WMI environment and scripting. Using Active@ Data Studio (Live CD), you can create safe and secure password-protected boot disks. When creating your boot disk, you can also define network settings allowing your computer to be able to connect to the Internet from within the self-contained boot environment which you will access when you start up the computer from your custom boot disk. Other features provided include support for burning data to CD or DVD as well as a variety of other backup options and file management features. The live CD allows you to regain full access to a computer that is otherwise unbootable, allowing you to manage files and retrieve data. It provides everything you need to handle data management tasks, privacy, recovery and backup. Thanks to the fact that Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) provides the full range of utilities, you can also save money and enjoy the convenience of having everything in a single package. The native features of Windows simply do not provide the vast majority of the functionality that this program offers. Learn more at ..livecd../ . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: