The carrying amount of cash over 200 billion   the impact of Hengda trillion scale – real estate — Hongkong 30 August, Hengda Group (Lu Zhikun) (3333.HK) today disclosed data show that the overall performance of the company over the past half a year there was a substantial increase in the cash storage company for the record. According to the company’s interim results report, the first half operating income of Hengda Group increased by 12.6% over the same period last year, to $87 billion 500 million. Company gross profit increased to 24 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 12.2%. The first half of the real estate business Hengda Group’s core profit of 10 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 19.15%, excluding investment property revaluation gains and other non recurring gains and losses after the core business profit of 7 billion 810 million yuan. Let Hengda Group is quite proud of the company in the first half of the huge cash in hand. Management also repeatedly stressed in the results of the conference, said the company as of the end of 212 billion in the hands of $6 to reach the highest level since the listing of the company, but also the industry holds the largest cash reserves. Hengda Group Vice Chairman, President Xia Haijun said that a substantial increase in the amount of sales in the first half so that the company can accumulate the largest cash resources in the industry, these funds are expected to be used in the future mergers and acquisitions. He said, Hengda will probably continue to buy small real estate developers, and build the company’s financial holding group, is also expected to merge some good prospects for financial institutions, such as securities companies, trust companies, so the company has financial full license. In the first half of this year, Hengda Group’s contract sales amounted to 141 billion 780 million yuan, an increase of 62.8%. Contract sales area of 16 million 610 thousand square meters, ranking first in the country, an increase of 45.9%. Management said the company expects sales in the end of 8 will be more than 200 billion yuan, the annual sales amount is expected to exceed the sales target of $300 billion. The rapid growth of Hengda Group for 2009, after the listing of sales volume increased from 30 billion 300 million yuan to 200 billion yuan more than last year over the same period, turnover increased from 5 billion 720 million yuan to 133 billion 100 million yuan, the cash balance from 14 billion 380 million yuan to 164 billion yuan. Xia Haijun said that the rapid growth in the size of the sales benefit from the company after the listing of strategic adjustment. The company changed in the past mainly in the layout of small and medium-sized cities in 2013, the focus of development will be reversed to focus on the big cities, and thus access to a large land reserve. As of the first half of this year, Hengda Group has more than 180 million square meters of land reserves, the largest real estate land reserve. Xia Haijun said at the press conference, when the national land prices rose crazy, Hengda has completed the original accumulation of land, the company will continue to enjoy the land dividend. According to company data, Hengda Group has entered 175 cities nationwide, the total number of projects up to 454. Which in a second tier cities accounted for more than 70%. Hengda Group in the first half of this year added 80 projects, the total amount of land over相关的主题文章: