SEO Since the advent of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we kept hearing about Black Hat SEO practices to push a website upwards on the search engines. The talk and practices are still on. But, its unethical; it is what you do to fool the search engines to get rankings in search engine result pages. You may succeed initially (for a very short time period), but once you and your website is found guilty of using unacceptable practices, search engines like Google may take some really harsh steps black listing your website from appearing on SERPs (search engine result pages). Are you ready to face the wrath? Googles top brass, in a recent meeting, has expressed its hatred towards those who try to befool their search engine and do not have customer-oriented content on their website. Google is employing some new technologies and making its robots smarter to detect sites with excessive SEO done on them. So, wisdom lies in being positive and putting great content on website, instead of resorting to unfair means of Black Hat SEO. Look for a great SEO .pany in Delhi and hand over your website once you are convinced of its capabilities. Search Google for SEO services in Delhi, and you are likely to .e across numerous options. Do make sure to go through their portfolios before you pick an ideal SEO .pany in Delhi for your website. And since there are hundreds of .panies in Delhi, you wont have to face much of a trouble in finding one ideal service provider for your requirements. There is no point in using Black Hat technics when you can get on the top slot of Google, Yahoo and other search engines by putting customer focused content on your website and resort to time tested SEO methods. And, then you can also consider SMO (Social Media Optimization) to build a relationship of trust with your audience and ensure better quality traffic on your website. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have now be.e a wonderful place to meet your customers and know what is it that they need or expect out of your products and/or service. Go for smart, lawful link building practice and you are sure to make it to the top of search engines, without dreading the wrath of them. Its time you look for a professional SEO .pany/agency and get your website SEO optimized. Also, dont forget to put some quality, unique content on your site. Do .e to our website once before you hand over your website to an SEO .pany in Delhi. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: