Beware of the square dance is Wen Dongwen cult penetration before the network launched "square dance" is a cult feature. Square dance itself is not a cult, but it should not be overlooked that the square dance has the possibility of being penetrated by heresy. Professor of Sociology of sociology, recently published a thesis on the cult attribute of square dance. The article points out that square dance absorbs a large number of unemployed people and forms a group with fixed organizational leaders throughout the country. Taking physical fitness as bait, supplemented by exaggerated movements and brainwashing music, the control of members’ spiritual consciousness can easily develop into a cult. Therefore, we should not neglect the possibility that the square dance is exploited and permeated by heresy. First, the disciples will use square dance to attract people, according to the Inner Mongolia Daily reported on June 9, 2014, Dongsheng police through the Mopai investigation, precise deployment, successfully captured 15 "disciples" cult members, and seized some cult communication tools. Of the 15 people, 12 were under criminal detention, and 3 were under administrative detention. In addition, there are many people who receive education admonition. The investigation, from 2014 3 to April, the use of the cult morning and evening time, gathered in the public square, part of Dongsheng District parks, residential areas and other public places, while there were a few pieces of different heaven dance group, under the pretext of evangelism, cure, shouting "in the name of the Lord, miracles, give rice, bread and water" and other slogans, by the sound amplification equipment play soul, to jump paradise dance in the form of fitness to attract the masses. In order to avoid combat, the disciples would cult members gather frequently changing locations in front of roped into the church members, but also advance secret observation and analysis of onlookers, a rarity in retirement, the disabled people to start with, so that discernment is low, unidentified people imperceptibly deluded. It is understood that before they focus on the implementation of rural villagers temptation, and then use the square dance and other activities in the clutches toward the city, even covered with knowledge of the elderly, and then expanded to the level of young people. In this regard, the public participation in the square dance, should be highly vigilant cult penetration. Look at "Almighty God" square dance spread cult, in recent years, square dance is particularly hot, "the most dazzling national wind" sweeping across the Yangtze River, "little apple" swept the country. However, the public security organs in Shandong Linyi cracked a case of using square dance to spread cult, and arrested more than 20 key members, and arrested 12 people, such as Xie Jia and Jia Jia, according to law. It was verified that the cult gang leader Xiemou led, unified purchase costumes, by the believers rehearsal collective dance, many times to the public places in the city square, park, train station, dance and play the song "Almighty God", and then put it "God Almighty" content of the lyrics, very misleading big. According to the investigation, the cult spreads the cult by means of square dance. The main reason is that the square dance is concealed, and the public security organs are not easy to detect. It is misleading, can attract some ignorant participation, to achieve the purpose of joining the cult organization. Therefore, the people talk around things form, to the general public from the cult of the character, said harm cult, formed a good atmosphere for the people to participate in the anti cult. We should also strengthen management and register the square dance places

谨防广场舞被邪教渗透   文 东文   日前,凯风网推出《广场舞是邪教吗》专题。广场舞本身不是邪教,但不可小觑广场舞有被邪教渗透的可能性。资深社会学教授付龙最近发表论文《论广场舞的邪教属性》。文中指出,广场舞吸纳大批无业人员,在全国各地形成一个个有固定组织头目的集体。以强身健体为诱饵,辅以夸张的动作和洗脑的音乐,控制成员精神意识,极易发展成邪教。因此,不可忽视广场舞被邪教利用与渗透的可能性。   先看门徒会利用广场舞吸引民众   据内蒙古日报2014年6月9日报道,东胜警方通过摸排调查,精密部署,成功抓获15名“门徒会”邪教成员,缴获部分邪教传播工具。15人中,12人被刑事拘留,3人被行政拘留。另外,尚有多人接受教育训诫。经查,2014年3至4月份,该邪教组织利用晨练、傍晚时间,在东胜区部分广场、公园、居民区等公共场所公开聚集,期间共出现几支不同的“天堂舞”群体,打着“传福音、治百病”的幌子,呼喊“奉主名,行异能、赐米面、赐粮油水”等口号,通过扩音设备播放“灵歌”,以跳“天堂舞”健身的形式,吸引群众。为了逃避打击,“门徒会”邪教成员频繁更换聚集地点,在拉拢入教成员前,事先还秘密观察、分析围观者,专挑退休、体弱病残的群众下手,使辨别力低、不明真相的老百姓不知不觉被蛊惑。据了解,他们之前重点在村镇对村民实施诱惑,然后利用广场舞等活动把“魔掌”伸向城区,甚至计划覆盖有知识的老年人,再扩大到年轻人层面。对此,民众在参与广场舞时,应高度警惕邪教的渗透。   再看“全能神”假借广场舞传播邪教   近年来,广场舞格外火热,《最炫民族风》刮遍大江南北,《小苹果》风靡全国。然而山东临沂市公安机关破获了一起利用广场舞传播邪教的案件,抓获骨干成员20余人,已依法批捕谢某、贾某等12人。经查实,该邪教团伙在头目谢某的带领下,统一购买演出服装,由信徒排练集体舞蹈,多次到城市广场、公园、火车站等公共场所,集体跳舞并播放“全能神”歌曲,再换上宣扬“全能神”内容的歌词,具有非常大的迷惑性。据调查,邪教组织之所以以广场舞方式传播邪教,究其原因主要是以广场舞为幌子,具有隐蔽性,公安机关不易察觉。再就是具有迷惑性,能够吸引一些无知者参与,达到加入邪教组织之目的。因此,应采用身边人讲身边事的形式,给广大民众讲清邪教的特征,说清邪教的危害,形成全民参与反邪的良好氛围。还要加强管理,对“广场舞”场所进行登记备案,对跳舞时间、音响音量、环境保护、科学健身等方面进行详细规范。阻止在“广场舞”健身运动中传播邪教,不能让群众被邪教的外在形式所蒙蔽而误入邪教歧途,从而陷入邪教的深渊。   故应警惕广场舞沦为邪教的摇篮   广场舞活跃在祖国各地的每个角落,越来越受到人们的关注。然而,广场舞稍加不慎也会被“法轮功”、“全能神”等邪教组织渗透,极易滋生邪教的土壤。由于“广场舞”属于集体舞,由群众自发组织,成员相对来说不固定,少则几十人,多则几百人不等。而邪教为掩人耳目,以冒用基督教名义,用秘密集会的方式拉拢会员,很容易欺骗不明真相的群众。“看病贵”已成为一个相当严重的社会问题,困难群众有病看不起病,怎么办?邪教组织就打着“治病救人”的幌子,在困难群众走投无路的情况下,选择信仰邪教所谓超自然的力量也就不足为奇了。甚至有的邪教组织竟然打着“跳广场舞”的幌子,抱着“越是危险的地方越安全”的念头,利用广场舞铤而走险,传播邪教。如果广大群众没有一定的反邪教常识,根本无法辨别是非,给邪教不法分子提供了可乘之机,让群众误信邪教的可能性也就更大,使其在不知不觉中被蛊惑,而使广场舞沦为传播邪教的摇篮的可能性加大。为此,必须保持防邪拒邪的高压态势,让邪教组织在“广场舞”健身运动的热潮中没有传播的空间,没有滋生的土壤。   如今广场舞已成为人们强身锻炼的一种新方式,广大群众应高度警惕全能神、法轮功等邪教组织,以广场舞等健身活动为幌子而被邪教利用渗透。   (声明:本文仅代表作者观点,不代表新浪网立场。)相关的主题文章: