Mobil-.puting Tablet devices that run on the Android operating system are excellent ebook readers. Most models are much more expensive than e-readers, so it’s not necessary to purchase one solely for ebook reading. However, if you already own one you should take advantage of its capability to perform as an e-reader. Page Size: Perhaps the most important benefit to reading ebooks on a tablet is that the ebook will have nearly the same size pages as a paperback or hardback book. This is significant for a few reasons. First, it should cause less eye strain than trying to read on a small device like a smartphone. Second, you can use a large text size without having to scroll sideways to read a full line of text. And in addition to that, you will have a better chance of being able to use PDF files with their fixed-text format because you have more screen room to work with. Shop Anywhere: With Android, you have a great opportunity to be able to shop for ebooks just about anywhere. With some e-readers you’re locked in to shopping only with the .pany that sold the e-reader device. But with tablets that run on Android, you can buy and download ebooks from just about any ebook store or source. Just make sure to verify that the file is either a .pdf or .epub, which you’ll be able to read in available ebook apps for Android. Free eBook Apps: You can install free ebook apps onto your tablet device from the Android Market. Some tablets .e with an ebook app pre-installed, but you might need to grab an additional one if you need an app that can handle Adobe DRM (Aldiko Book Reader is a good option for that). When purchasing ebooks, check the website where you buy the ebook to see which app they re.mend. Bright Lighted Screen: E-Ink style e-readers do not have back-lit screens. They were designed like that intentionally in order to create a paper-like reading surface. This works well if you want to read with natural light because there are no reflections or glare on the screen, but if you want to read indoors you need a lot of extra lighting. Tablet screens, on the other hand, are similar to your laptop screen or smartphone screen, allowing you to read even in the dark. Multiple Uses: Finally, one of the fun aspects about tablets is that they perform a variety of functions. You can play games, watch movies, listen to music, and take advantage of the entire inter.. This makes a tablet much more valuable than a dedicated e-reading device. If you often carry a tablet with you, you’ll always have access to your reading material. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: