Beiyuan northbound extension construction site   13 line rail connectivity – Beijing channel re — original title: No. 13 line rail connected to yesterday afternoon, construction workers in Beiyuan northbound extension line lighting equipment installation construction site for metro line thirteen to restore the cold and hot slip test before operation. Newspaper reporter Sun Yue photo newspaper reporter Liu Mian yesterday in Beiyuan northbound extension project site, the reporter climbed the slope to see subway line No. 13, off 5 days of contact rail and rail line has been re connected in place. In this project, line 13 optical fiber cable, rail safety facilities will also be upgraded for the re opening of the operation to be ready for tomorrow. Daily economic news reporter noted that the 13 line of the south side of the track more than a steel pipe, about 18 cm in diameter. "This is the Almighty robot car!" Beijing urban construction survey and Design Institute of Chen Lin excitedly said, it is not only the construction of the steel pipe we spent three or four hours." It turned out that the 13 line of the newly paved track hired a total of two robots, staring at the security of the 24 hours. The robot is installed in the pipe, its eyes will watch 24 hours of the new pavement No. 13 line rail. The robot emits laser radiation, while in the sleeper, pre installation and commissioning of the more than and 20 small prism. According to the reflection of light, the robot can record the 3D data of the track, the horizontal coordinate and the settlement. Both sides of the track have a robot value post. "Once the settlement is 3 mm, it needs to be repaired immediately." Vice Minister of Technology Department of Beijing Metro Wang Gangzheng given a set of numerical control standard, "is the warning value of 3 mm, 4 mm, the alarm value control value of 5 mm, that is to say, when the settlement reached 3 mm, 4 mm when the robot will alert will alarm." With the advent of night, the two robot bodyguards will complete the final commissioning, start working state. Chen Lin explained: "there will be a variety of miscellaneous interference during the day, night installation will be more accurate, the robot’s vision will be more sensitive." In addition to the new track, line 13 communications, signal cables are also upgraded. Beijing subway technology minister Zhang Wenqiang explained, "in the process of construction, breaking off communication, outage has been prepared in advance of." Subway power supply branch project office responsible person Wang Shiyue from the beginning of the September bubble at the site. He said that for rail engineering seems only one hundred meters, but relates to the power supply, communication, security, safety, and many other devices of optical cable, optical cable is 10 thousand volts on the replacement of the 2758 meters, 750 volt intertrip cable changed respectively 5200 meters and 22200 meters. In order to shorten the construction period, the staff in advance of the cable, cable transformation. The eastern section of No. 13 line outage before the new line has been basically in place. Subway outage, the old line gradually dismantled, new line through the erection of Longmen frame etc. tiaogao, to make way for box culvert jacking. The project has a good plan for hundreds of pages, nearly 20 times." Wang Shiyue said, "a closed mind is cable, the middle of the head. As a matter of fact, anxious to hear scheme two words headache. Good in everyone相关的主题文章: