A woman in Beijing to return rental deposit was the intermediary for " unspoken rule " – Sohu JINGWAH Financial Times news recently, Fengtai District Ms. Wang through intermediary companies rental, the reason for the staff to come down, be asked to accept the "unspoken rule". The staff of the intermediary company also put forward the requirements of sharing, eating, drinking and sexy photos for Ms. wang. Intermediary company executives said that the misconduct of employees involved in their management is a mistake, will strengthen management in the future. Lawyers believe that the behavior of the staff suspected of illegal.     Ms. Wang said, this month 5 days, she saw a rental advertising in Fengtai District Branch Road, then get in touch with the above contact. The other party claiming to be Beijing East Han Han real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the East Hua Han) rental agent, Ms. Wang with his house after reading that the house is good, the price is appropriate, then to the other party paid 1250 yuan deposit. Ms. Wang and Oriental Huahan signed housing deposit receipt book marked, the lessee shall before September 5th to 2 business hall housing rental contracts signed, overdue or not sign as default for the lessee, the lessee to pay a deposit to all 2 all. In the evening, Ms. Wang saw a lot of negative evaluation of the intermediary company on the Internet, and decided to withdraw the rent. The second day, Ms. Wang and the previous day with the house staff to get in touch, hope that the other party refund deposit, but by the intermediary staff of WeChat harassment, the other request unspoken rules will refund the deposit. Reporters in Ms. Wang and the above staff WeChat chat record, the staff said that as long as he agreed, you can refund the deposit, but the premise is that Ms. Wang all listen to him. Ms. Wang said that what does not understand, the staff clearly said that the need for Ms. Wang accept "unspoken rules", and said that after the king will find a free house for residence, not satisfied with change again. In addition, the man also asked Ms. Wang about sharing, eating, drinking, sexy photos and so on. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter and the East Hua Han head to get in touch, the person in charge said that the specific circumstances of the matter is not very clear, it is recommended that Ms. Wang go to the company to solve the deposit problem. At the same time, the person in charge said that the misconduct of employees involved in the management of their mistakes, the future will strengthen the management of employees. Lawyer Jiang said, according to "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" forty-second paragraph fifth, repeatedly send obscene, insult, intimidation or other information, disturb the normal life of others, can be under 5 days of detention or less than 500 yuan fine. The behavior of the above-mentioned staff has been suspected of violating the law of public security administration punishment, and in the similar situation, the residents can call the police. Selecting high-quality financial products, evaluating popular financial products; investing knowledge of popular science finance; providing ways and means of making money. Make you easier to make money! View more financial dry goods, please scan the following two-dimensional code, pay attention to WeChat public number: "financial factory selection"" 北京一女子欲退租房定金 被中介要求"潜规则"-搜狐理财  京华时报讯 近日,丰台区王女士通过中介公司租房,次日因故找工作人员退定金时,被要求接受“潜规则”。中介公司工作人员还对王女士提出合住、约吃饭喝酒、发性感照片等要求。中介公司负责人表示涉事员工的不当行为是其管理中的失误,今后会加强管理。律师认为,该工作人员行为涉嫌违法。       王女士称,本月5日,她在丰台区科兴路看到一则出租房屋的广告,便与上面的联系人取得联系。对方自称是北京东方华瀚房地产经纪有限公司(以下简称东方华瀚)的租房代理,王女士随其看完房后觉得房子不错,价格也合适,当时向对方交了1250元定金。王女士与东方华瀚签订的房屋定金收付书标明,承租方需于9月5日前去往出租方营业厅签订房屋租赁合同,逾期或不签视为承租方违约,承租方所交定金全部归出租方所有。   当天晚上,王女士在网上看到该中介公司的很多负面评价,便决定退租。第二天,王女士与前一天带其看房的工作人员取得联系,希望对方退还定金,却遭到该中介工作人员的微信骚扰,对方要求潜规则后才将定金退还。   记者在王女士与上述工作人员的微信聊天记录中看到,该工作人员表示只要他同意就可以把定金退还,但前提是需要王女士一切听从于他。在王女士表示不明白什么意思后,该工作人员明确称需要王女士接受“潜规则”,并表示之后会为王女士找一个免费的房子居住,不满意再换。此外,该男子还向王女士提出一起合住、约吃饭喝酒、发性感照片等要求。   昨天下午,记者与东方华瀚负责人取得联系,该负责人表示对此事具体情况还不太了解,建议王女士前往公司解决定金问题。同时,该负责人表示,涉事员工的不当行为是其管理中的失误,今后一定会加强对员工的管理。   律师原江表示,依据《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》第四十二条第五款,多次发送淫秽、侮辱、恐吓或者其他信息,干扰他人正常生活的,可处5日以下拘留或500元以下罚款。上述工作人员的行为已涉嫌违反治安管理处罚法,遇到类似情况,居民可报警。   甄选优质的金融产品、评测热门金融产品;科普金融投资知识;提供赚钱方法和途径。让你赚钱更轻松!   查看更多理财干货,请扫描下面二维码关注微信公众号:“金融工厂精选”相关的主题文章: