Beichen police assault dens hidden in the empty factory seized 420 boxes of firecrackers

Spring Festival is approaching, in spite of some security risks to the opportunity to make a fortune "illegal personnel ready to start. Yesterday afternoon, Beichen police every Duandiao an illegal storage of fireworks dens, seized 420 boxes of illegal storage of firecrackers.

at the beginning of January, xiditou community police station to get an important clue in home visits, the villagers Wang suspicion of illegal storage of fireworks, but does not understand the specific location of the. Through several days of investigation, police found Wang silver van, the car is probably the transportation of fireworks transportation. On the morning of January 16th, the police found a trace of the car near a remote road, the car just stopped in a long idle space near the plant. This plant is likely to be the location of the king of fireworks. In the afternoon, the police conducted a surprise inspection of the plant, found in an abandoned factory store a large number of fireworks, a total of 420 boxes by inventory.

investigation, Wang was due to illegal storage of fireworks by the public security organ of the punishment, but she still does not repent, in December last year, to 50 yuan per box price to buy this batch of illegal fireworks, stored in the abandoned factory, ready to sell profit before the spring festival. As of press time, Wang has been sentenced to administrative detention Beichen Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law, illegal storage of 420 boxes of firecrackers have been transported to a safe location, proper placement. Daily news reporter Gong Wei correspondent Song Zhiqiang Zhu Shuo