Basquiat " soldiers; " led by Sotheby’s Hongkong autumn auction of " #TTTOP" late shot in October 3, 2016, held "#TTTOP" during the evening auction Sotheby’s Hongkong auction in the autumn, has more than 25 pieces of contemporary art, the total valuation of approximately HK $90 million. This site is specially designed by the Asian pop idol T.O.P guest, covering contemporary art in Asia and the west. It is worth mentioning that, Murakami Takashi, and the name of the artist T.O.P equal number of friends, especially for this auction to create. It is reported that the "#TTTOP" part of the proceeds will be donated to the Asian Cultural Association, foster new Asian artists. The field of auction both international recognized Asian contemporary masters and budding star, also have representatives from the west side by side and column, carry out East and West more than more blend of different generations, culture, style and thought factions. The auction types not only reflect the T.O.P as the curator of the art collection of the international perspective of preferences, also the vision of young collectors. In this regard, Sotheby’s Contemporary Asian Art Director Lin Jiaru said: "the Asian art scene in the energetic young collectors to promote more diverse wonderful, which is a member of T.O.P. ‘#TTTOP’ is just perfect for this side." Basquiat "soldier" in 1983 30000000 – 40000000 Hong Kong dollar valuation: Dingell, "Untitled" in 2012 6200000 – 9200000 Hong Kong dollar valuation: Keith? Harlem Yu "Untitled" (full 23): 4500000 – 1982 estimate of HK $6000000 in the "#TTTOP" evening auction, part of the western art by American artist Basquette "soldier". Works, from the internationally renowned Japanese collectors Maezawa friends for private collection. He commissioned the auction this painting, to support its curatorial project first auction friends T.O.P. "Soldier" was created in 1983, at the peak of the creation of Basquette masterpiece, composition rich colorful, rouses New York art spirit. In addition, in the same field on the western art include Andy Warhol, George?? Kang, Rudolf stringer, and sigma?? Polk "blue chip" artists, and star Geoff? Two paintings Yiruode, and legendary photographer David Keith Lachapelle? A series of private collection of Harlem Yu’s works is important? At the same time will debut. Li Yuhuan and the "wind" in 1988 6500000 – 8500000 Hong Kong dollar valuation: "fat boy" in 1997 Paik Valuation: 3500000 – HK $4500000 in Asian art part on the Korean postwar artists Museum works led, including Jin Huanji, Pu Qifu, Li Yuhuan, Zheng Xianghe and Paik etc.. Among them, an important oil painting "Li Yuhuan and wind" by a private collector commissioned by the artist, "with the wind" series of top network相关的主题文章: