Baoqiang Wang to Ma Rong hand over children: do not delay their school, Baoqiang Wang to the court to sue the Beijing News reported on August 30th 29 am, the divorce case of the Song Dynasty and Song Dynasty, the official hearing of the case, the court in the morning of. 29 evening, a message, in the trial process, Song Zhe agent advocate "does not agree to divorce, and put out the unbroken feelings of rhetoric, and his wife Yang Hui Song Zhe was excited said," regardless of whether the other agreed, our feelings have been broken and there is no way to live together." Yang Hui’s attorney to the media revealed that they have been submitted to the court "Song Zhe and the outsider improper relationship" and "trial evidence, very well". Yang Hui and Song Zhe divorce case at the same time, Baoqiang Wang also had some progress in divorce case. According to the Beijing News reporter learned that Baoqiang Wang filed for divorce proceedings, has been unable to meet their children. In the case before the court, Baoqiang Wang submitted an application to the court, hope that with the power of justice, forced Ma Rong "surrender" children, because the school around the corner, Baoqiang Wang for their divorce or for their children will impact on academic said very worried. (the source of Beijing News) Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong and a pair of children (map) Song Zhe for not a public hearing yesterday afternoon before the trial, the media changqiangduanbao waiting in the Chaoyang Court, court gate. Song Zhe’s wife Yang Hui walked into court in a woman with yellow hair and sunglasses, collocation is very eye-catching (Figure). See a reporter to take pictures, Yang Hui was a hand to cover the face. Song Zhe did not appear in the whirlpool of public opinion, his agent, lawyer and his assistant, Mr. Shao Yaguang came to court. Late in August 14th of this year, Baoqiang Wang released a divorce statement in micro-blog, broke the news of his wife, former director of his wife, and the transfer of the property of the derailment of the president, Song Zhe, Ma Rong. With the further fermentation of the event, Song Zhe’s wife Yang Huizao in the statement issued a month and a half ago divorce to the court of the news has been discovered. Yang Hui filed for divorce while also applying for the preservation of the former, frozen under the name of 2 million 240 thousand yuan deposit Song Zhe. It is reported that the case is not a public hearing due to a party to the case involving Song Zhe’s personal privacy grounds, the court is not open to the public. The court held that the application in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, shall be granted according to law. Although Song Zhe did not appear in court, but the court before the lawyer submitted its written opinions signed. The agent said the Song Zhe does not agree to divorce after the trial, Yang Hui stopped by reporters at the scene in a containment. First of all, she thanked the media attention to the case. She said that the development of this is not what she wanted, because it caused a lot of unnecessary, innocent harm. Yang Hui said that she always believes that morality is the basis of law. "It is an indisputable fact that our relationship has been broken and there is no way to live together, regardless of whether the other party agrees or not. I believe in the justice of law." However, Yang Hui admits that she is a failure of marriage, but she still believes in love. "Just love is very important to people, if not love, I want to let go, which is responsible for their own, but also responsible for others." Yang Hui’s lawyer Tan Yaoguang said, they will be almost all the evidence submitted to the court, including Song Zhe and Ma case.相关的主题文章: