Can take high risk attitude of unprecedented distinctive ancient author: Golden October 20th, the advent of the State Cultural Relics Bureau promulgated the "cultural relics auction management approach", the paper proposes for the first time in China territory, theft, excavation and smuggling of cultural relics or history clearly belong to the illegal exploitation of the Chinese cultural relics "not auction. But a day later, the State Administration of cultural heritage to the Japanese national auction, Yokohama sent a letter of confirmation, the company scheduled six auction auction held in Tokyo by the end of October will be in China illegally looted relics in Yokohama, the auction house to auction it subsequently withdrew treatment. The two before and after the event, is regarded as the China government for the history of cultural relics and powers looted in recent years the domestic rampant smuggling of cultural relics tomb, attitude increasingly firm and bright. Some people think that the ancient collection may face the greatest risk of policy, but there are many people questioned the implementation of the ban difficult. But, just not really help auction of looted relics to contain the tomb and recover? Distinctive attitude: to take the evidence of illegal loss of cultural relics under the knife, cultural relics auction management approach (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") was officially implemented in October 20, 2016. It is a comprehensive revision of the Interim Provisions on the administration of cultural relics auction (hereinafter referred to as the Interim Provisions) and relevant documents promulgated in July 14, 2003. The "measures" for the first time explicitly put forward the "theft, excavation and smuggling of cultural relics or history clearly belong to the illegal exploitation of the Chinese cultural relics" not auction. Although the "measures" can only auction China constraints within the territory of China, but in the "second days" measures promulgated by the State Administration of cultural heritage to the Yokohama international auction company auction China fax "on the cessation of relics of the letter", that the agency will be held on October 29th to 31 in Tokyo held "Yokohama international the five anniversary of the fall of 2016 auction" in the Tang Dynasty Murals of Dunhuang No. 734th and No. 735th King Tang Dynasty painted wooden Buddha figures story murals (three), a group of 736th, the Tang Dynasty wooden Buddha figures painted murals story (seven), a group of 737th, the Tang Dynasty Murals, painted wooden Buddha story No. 738th Shakya Muni of the Tang Dynasty Murals of Dunhuang No. 739, Yan Chang – Tang Guohua, Fodian Tang for the year from the handwriting, Ootani Hiromizu China illegally looted relics. We hope that Yokohama will abide by the spirit of the relevant international conventions and respect the feelings of the Chinese people. It is understood, born in 1876, a Japanese Buddhist Percy Otani Guangrui Shinshu Honganji twenty-second generation method, enjoyed a high social status in japan. But as one with the Japanese invaders together on China land predator, he gave Chinese cultural relics damage in May and no one can. He has organized 3 expeditions, looted in China, the number of precious cultural relics of the past one hundred thousand, which accounted for the largest proportion of the number of Chinese books and monuments. It is said that these books only, as many as thousands of rare books. In the network is very active, with many fans of the cultural experts "spiral of truth.相关的主题文章: