B single game recommendation: rectify the defence Bracey end losing streak – Sohu game time: 2016. 02.16          Tuesday     03:30: 0.96    asian handicap   Brescia       0.75        Ascoli     0.80 European index: 1.68      3.32      4.40 events: Brescia Jiepan forward and was still in the top position, but the team recently appeared It is without rhyme or reason. three game losing streak, the team a total of three games lost 8 balls, the line is too open. Brescia also quickly slipped to seventh in the table, if you want to get the upgrade team playoff qualification, the rest of the game cannot be any mistake. This time they moved to the home court, this season they play at home or to the fans at ease, 12 home court game they made 7 wins 4 flat 1 negative impressive record, unbeaten rate is quite high, as long as the normal play team to return to winning rail is not difficult. Ascoli this season in Serie B to play in the downstream position now worry about personal gains and losses, standings, their nursing level is not optimistic about the prospects. The biggest problem is a weak team, this season a score 2 win 10 negative, the team at the basic is surrendered, face eager to rebound the team There is no escape from fate. brescia. 0.75 asian handicap chase index for the Brescia handicap, data has been reflected in the fighting, Brescia continuously in the League to lose, even the disc loss, the mechanism instead of making enough disk, show Brescia rebound determination. The upper level is at a high discount on some blocking efforts at Ascoli, weak, not worthy of support, leaving behind Brescia win the rebound. Half the recommendation: Ping Sheng, Dong Sheng, negative score recommended: 3:2, 3:0 (-1) Brescia Beijing single game ball, recommended: 13 意乙单场推荐:整顿防线 布雷西结束连败-搜狐  比赛时间: 2016. 02.16    星期二     03:30   亚洲盘口: 0.96    布雷西亚    – 0.75    阿斯科利    0.80   欧洲指数: 1.68    3.32    4.40   赛事前瞻及解盘:   布雷西亚原本还在积分榜前列位置,但近期球队无缘无故出现了三连败,这三场比赛球队合共失掉8球,防线更是中门大开。布雷西亚也迅速滑落到积分榜第七位,球队若想拿到升级附加赛资格,余下赛事就不能再有闪失。此番他们移师主场作战,本赛季他们在家门口比赛还是令球迷放心,12个主场比赛他们取得7胜4平1负不俗战绩,不败率相当高,只要发挥正常水准球队重返胜轨并非难事。阿斯科利本赛季在意乙联赛发挥患得患失,现时处于积分榜下游位置,他们护级前景也不乐观。球队最大问题是作客疲软,本赛季作客成绩2胜10负,球队作客基本是弃械投降状态,面对急于反弹的布雷西亚球队劫数难逃。   盘口追击   亚洲指数为布雷西亚做出0.75盘口,数据已经反映出主队战斗力,布雷西亚连续在联赛输球,甚至亚盘损失情况下,现时机构反而做出足够让盘,显示出布雷西亚反弹决心。现时上盘水位处于中高折让,上盘有一定阻击力度,阿斯科利客战疲软,不值得支持,此战力挺布雷西亚赢球反弹。   半全场推荐: 平 胜, 胜 胜, 负 胜   比分推荐: 3:2, 3:0   北京单场布雷西亚(-1)球,推荐:1 3相关的主题文章: