Australian artist with fun artwork by Sydney people walking in the street every day you will observe the only way which must be passed on, those small roadside scenery in different or even to pay a smile? The 41 year old Australian artist Michael Pedersen in his various works touched the streets full of wit and humour in Sydney. He spent more than three years, in every corner of Sydney painted many humorous strange signs, mostly in the telephone booth, street lamp pole, buildings, for example, he is a dandelion growing out of a corner on the wall made of micro enclosure, and next to write "do not touch" in a clearing; set a letter "on a sign and wait for a moment, your future is to meet with you; in a car that was abandoned in the rusty frame a tree on the words" don’t tell anyone I here "; put a" pressure box "around the corner and let everyone hard" kick"…… Pedersen told the Sydney Morning Herald, said: "my work is to break the monotony of life, so that people enjoy the novelty of the moment. Most people’s daily life is two points, or go to work, or go home to sleep. I hope I can design some "disrupting ‘, let people see can stop to watch." Pedersen also did frequently in the works near the observation of the reaction of passers-by, although works sometimes have been erased or damaged, he said, as long as people with a smile to see when he has no white busy. (Qiao Ying)相关的主题文章: