Ang Lee’s Shanghai Premiere Deng Chao Chen Jianbin Chen Qi to help Tencent (Arts and entertainment news photography Hu Mengying) the evening of November 8th, director Ang Lee’s film "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" was held at the Shanghai cinema premiere red carpet ceremony, Deng Chao, Chen He, Chen Jianbin, Julian Cheung and his wife Anita Yuen, Lou Yi Xiao, Sun Yaoqi, Yu Dong, Ting Mei, Hu Xuehua who have appeared on the red carpet, director Ang Lee is carrying two starring Joe · Alvin, Li Chun finale debut. The red carpet is scheduled for the night at 18:30, but the red carpet in around 17 have been thousands of fans outside the containment with the stars walk the red carpet, the fans crowded, more people stood in the apple box, chair, video camera. According to the reporter, because the day of the premiere ticket is hard, even fry ticket 1000 yuan a high price. Director Ang Lee said on the red carpet, I do not know at the time of the shooting there is no cinema can put such a specification, "this drama is very shocking, and the best sound, very strong sense of shock, the theatre and my shooting intention is very appropriate." "The first grade graduation season" star · mentor Julian Cheung, Chen Jianbin, Lou Yi Xiao, Sun Yaoqi also bring students arrived at the scene, Anita Yuen said at the scene, had let her husband go to Hongkong to see, Julian Cheung insisted on not willing, to see the premiere today. Chen Jianbin also said that it is very happy to see the premiere of the film, because director Ang Lee with the latest technology shooting. In addition, Chen said that for each film directed by Ang Lee are full of expectations, whether from the technology, feelings or stories are very appreciate each other. In order to catch the premiere is not late, Deng Chao is about to get off the viaduct, running all the way rushed to the premiere. On the stage he also frequently said later his panting, to be a good audience, enjoy viewing, and look forward to working with Ang Lee to call.相关的主题文章: