figure: Amazon Prime Air delivery UAV

Amazon is applying to the Federal Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as "FCC") for a secret test of a mobile project license. Amazon said that the issuance of pilot licenses in the public interest, is appropriate and necessary".

Amazon did not disclose the testing of the project, but said the prototype system is designed to support innovative communication capabilities and functionality". In addition, the former NASA (NASA) astronauts, Prime Air (Amazon’s unmanned air vehicle delivery service department) manager Neal · (NeilWoodward) was listed as the main contact of the trial. The object of this test may be used in wireless communications system for Amazon delivery drones.

application materials, said Amazon’s test will be the first in the company’s headquarters in Seattle indoor. The test will also be included in the company’s headquarters and in the vicinity of the "temporary deployment of low energy consumption, fixed signal transmitter and related mobile units". The test will be in the Amazon in Washington State Kenna wake service center as the center of a radius of 120 km within the region. Amazon’s test area is very large, there will be greater flexibility in the choice of test location.

document also further pointed out that the temporary setting of the base station, an average of only 5 minutes per hour to send a signal." The entire test will continue for more than 5 months, all of the Amazon employees involved in the test.

FCC’s pilot license will help individuals or companies to test new technologies, testing new technologies do not meet all the technical requirements of FCC. The FCC technical department evaluates the test items to ensure that they are not harmful to others. Most applications are usually approved within weeks.