Acting governor of Hubei Wang Xiaodong: Hubei only 1 leaders is the Secretary of the Secretary, 5 days ago, from the hands of the party and the people of took over the work of the provincial government of the relay baton, acting governor of Hubei. So, how will he pick up the stick and run the bar? The afternoon of September 19th, Wang Xiaodong took office after the first plenary meeting of the provincial government presided over the meeting, how to (expand) to create a new situation in the work of the provincial government put forward the "ten musts". Wang Xiaodong from Guizhou to Hubei to work for 6 years, this is after Wang Xiaodong took office, the first time to discuss the government work system what to do. Wang Xiaodong said: the party and the people to the provincial government work "baton" into my hand, this is the height of my trust, is a major test for me, I am a glorious mission, responsibility. Although my personal ability is limited, but I firmly believe that the loving care of the CPC Central Committee and the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee, has the support of the province’s cadres and the masses, have a good foundation for successive provincial government team play, we must be able to connect the bar, run the bar. Here, I put forward the "ten Musts", share with you. First, it is necessary to talk about politics and politics is our party’s consistent requirements and unique advantages, is the fundamental premise of doing a good job of government work. Talk about politics, is not a speech, talk, nor is it a story telling". This "talk" should be stress, stress, praise, faith. The ancients said, "the government is also", "regular are not as evil as mei". Politics, the most fundamental is the political orientation, political position, political views, political discipline, political rules. High ideological consciousness. To strengthen the party spirit, ideals and faith, absolute loyalty to the party, love party party party support. To enhance the four self-confidence, strengthen the consciousness of "exam", and unswervingly do not forget the early heart, continue to advance "practitioner. High political consciousness. Always maintain a high degree of unity with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi as general secretary. Firmly to the CPC Central Committee, par, par to the General Secretary Xi line to the party’s theory, guidelines and policies, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the CPC Central committee. High awareness of action. The government should adhere to the work under the leadership of the Party committee, the provincial government should resolutely obey the leadership of the provincial Party committee. Hubei is only one of the leading core, which is the provincial Party committee; Hubei has only one leader, this is the secretary. Consciously safeguard the unity and coordination of several major provinces, to create a good political ecology. Two, be sure to learn the general secretary pointed out that there is no end of career development, learning is endless. For us, the ability to panic, the ability to crisis widespread, long-term existence. The only way to solve the problem is to advance with the times to enhance the ability to rely on learning to the future. To the attitude, like hunger and thirst to sink the heart to anyone, life Buchuo perseverance, comprehensively enhance the learning from theory, thinking and method. To insist on learning to learn and learning, combined with the need to work, do secondary school, what what to learn and what we lack, make great efforts to become expert. Three, it must be said that development is the last word, is to solve all of our province.相关的主题文章: