Accompany the audience 14 years ushered in the finale of the     "ice age 5" Ice Festival — adorable pet entertainment channel — original title: "ice age 5" glacier adorable Pet Festival in August 23rd, "ice age 5: interstellar collision" released in the mainland, opening two days harvest more than 78 million 200 thousand (up to 24 yuan at the box office 16). Currently in the world to get $316 million box office. "Ice age 5" is the end of the series, which means that the audience will be accompanied by a 14 year old ice adorable pet will say goodbye. "Ice age 5" as their adorable Pet Festival, with happy ending in the end, even the only dinosaur villain Roger is also a common crisis in the comet hit the earth soon be probation". Review of the "ice age" episode five, in addition to selling adorable animal and intensive bursting point, emotion is a constant theme in the final article, heroes have successfully solve domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Five – Glacier story line "iron triangle" reunion new character "ice age" opened the first 3D animation era Animal Adventure Movie precedent, every one of these adorable pet glaciers are new to cope with the disaster danger, eventually to threatened by growing crises, change danger into safety team way. The same is the mammoth Manny, Sid sloth, saber toothed tiger Tiago this group of "iron triangle", but each department will have a new role to join, add bursting point and freshness. The first film, mammoths, sloths and saber toothed tiger trek escort human son, the way has gone through the avalanche, famine and other untold danger. "Ice age 2" ice age is coming to an end, will cause flooding in Rongshui, saber toothed tiger and the mammoth Diego under the leadership of Manny, the animal began looking for a new home journey. One of the highlights of the second part is the mammoth Manny met female mammoth ETUDE in the journey, to fall in love. "Ice age 3" when the mammoth Manny is when Dad into anxiety, Saber Toothed Diego as his aging unexpectedly fell dejected, Sid sloth be dinosaur eggs, so mother Tyrannosaurus abducted SID, animal to save him into the ice age "world of Taoyuan". It is worth noting that, "ice age 3" is also the release of the 3D film in China in the fifth, but also the film side in twentieth Century, Fawkes’s first form of large-scale release of 3D animation. The third film in the new popular role wolf buck, it has the ability to beat the dinosaurs, the weapons used for a head of dragon’s teeth, eye shape also added a bit domineering, rather like the Oriental knight. "Ice age 4" and "3" at the end of the ice age, the sudden earthquake let the animal had to move, Manny was forced to separate their wives and daughters, Sid met his odd unexpected grandmother, and this group of fellow sufferers were a wild animal pirate block. The new role of Sid the sloth. Grandmother, black liver, white female ape pirate captain Sheila that a saber toothed tiger are impressive. As of the end of the article "ice age 5" not only collect cast, mammoth Manny, Sid sloth, saber toothed tiger Tiago this group of "iron triangle", and squirrel cuite, weasel buck, and sloth)相关的主题文章: