About 56-80 square hardcover livable LOFT total since 1 million 430 thousand [Abstract] in this life I only place in my life with nostalgia, forget. Life is not trivial lost heart. Daxing Beijing urban construction · Beijing code (property information) total 1 million sets of real estate Tencent – Beijing urban construction · Beijing code project is located in Longjiang Daxing Weishanzhuang Town Road on the north side of 200 meters. Beijing urban construction · Beijing code 4, building 6, building 4, unit 6 in the sale of Building No. 4, unit 5 in July 2, 2016 opened in June 29th to start the card. Unit 6, building 4, 5 new 305 houses, 45-80 square meters hardcover LOFT square meters, the average price of 25000 yuan, the total price of 1 million sets. Down payment of 20% can be signed, the day of the signing of the subscription to enjoy the preferential treatment of 1 points, down payment of 50% to enjoy the preferential price of a single point of view, a one-time payment to enjoy the preferential treatment of the 2 points, signed on time to enjoy the preferential treatment of the 1 points of 1. Beijing urban construction · Beijing No. 4 passwords for 56-80 square meters hardcover LOFT apartment layout, decoration standard reference model, 1 million 430 thousand of the total price of -233 million units, buyers enjoy 30 thousand against 5% off discount, 50 years of property rights, property fee is 3.8 yuan per square meter. In August, September 30, 2017 before occupancy. Beijing urban construction project of Beijing · 1, building 2, the password submitted in December 31, 2016, official sales offices located in Beijing Daxing country Weishanzhuang meeting center on the west side of 500 meters, has been opened in October 18, 2014. Please pay attention! Tencent Beijing Daxing real estate group, real-time discussion of hot topics. Beijing urban construction 154721018 · Beijing password to view the details of the lowest price of 1 million yuan set the purchase of Park Estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 653629 · password is Beijing Beijing urban construction; Beijing urban construction real estate after another in Beijing, the central axis of the bird’s nest, the National Grand Theater after the power for. The project has a history of 800 years Beijing ranked above the central axis, is located in the capital of the second airport new City Center District, the new media industry base in the core area, body shape skillfully international architectural style and Chinese traditional moral culture combine together with passion collision of Chinese and Western culture, to create a new landmark building next door. "" "" "click to view the urban construction of Beijing,, Beijing password users to comment on the above information for reference only, the final developer to prevail. [Abstract] this life I only place in my life with nostalgia, forget. Life is not trivial lost heart. Heng Xu Hui Daxing Hospital No. 7 (market information) open price Tencent real estate news Heng Xu Hui Hospital No. 7 is located in Daxing Panggezhuang Jingkaigaosu road of happiness export 800 meters west of Longxi Hotspring Resort north. Xu Hui Heng Goldcommon consortium museum housing land case has been set Heng Xu Hui Hospital No. 7, the second half of 2016 is expected to enter the market, for the villa products. As of July 11, 2016, the project of the latest news. Xu Hui Tian heng.相关的主题文章: