A table read Friday there is the lottery! The 17 small but 24 to DAY! At the end of July, with the European Cup ended, method B League first started, it quietly opened the curtain of the major European leagues. For the lottery old driver, and from that moment on Friday will become special. B boring play, super hard to predict the color fruit, hundreds of millions of first prize and accumulated, constitute the soccer fans in the eyes of " red Friday ". An Italian, European leagues reputation, there are tens of thousands of supporters in asia. What is B? Even French, attention to a degree are the weakest of the five major league, B has been paid? It’s true! In the lottery old driver’s eyes, the B component even with West Germany, par. Because these events almost take up their Friday, six, and the day. The five major league round of the whole package hot] new season Friday B lottery lottery: too difficult! In addition in the betting schedule meet as equals, and the old Friday B based lottery, or high difficulty, high bonus, high accumulated synonymous. The new season has just started less than 2 months, up to the national team on Friday and other factors, a total of 7 B sale period lottery. The results show that as above, not high explosive, first prize, is attractive accumulated. Period has super material, gold content is full. Compared to " " black Friday; the word, I prefer to B lottery named " red Friday " because, once the red list, that means millions of luck! With more and more high technology lottery lottery, "Hot pot Award" is more and more frequent. But on Friday, law and B, people still look sad. "Every play is just about the same." "each have anti flat ah, suddenly look back, similar tangle still visible before the eyes but also as a pleasurable occupation. It is worth mentioning that, on Friday B prediction, 24 forecast a total of 8 games, was lucky to get 17 good grades 24, presumably to the current purchase lottery color friend brought rich reference value. [immediately view the period B] on Friday recommended small B grade betting exists risk, both scientific algorithm reference intelligent small, will not bring you inspiration. [new users only need 1 yuan] (Pan Feng)

一张表看懂周五足彩有多难!小炮上期竟24中17 福来DAY!   7月底,随着欧洲杯落幕,法乙联赛最先打响,正是它悄悄拉开了欧洲各大联赛的帷幕。对于足彩老司机而言,而从那刻开始,星期五就会变得特殊。法乙沉闷的球风,超难预测的彩果,动辄上百万的头奖和滚存,共同构成了足彩迷心目中的"红色星期五"。   英西德意法,欧洲五大联赛名声在外,在亚洲也有数以万计的支持者。可法乙是什么鬼?即便法甲,都只是五大联赛中关注度最弱的一个,法乙有人关注吗?还真有!在足彩老司机眼里,法乙的分量甚至与英德、意西比肩。因为这些赛事,几乎分占了他们的周五、六、日的时间。[五大联赛整轮包热卖中] 新赛季周五法乙足彩开奖情况:太难了!   除了在投注日程上分庭抗礼之外,周五以法乙为主的老足彩,还是高难度、高奖金、高滚存的代名词。新赛季刚刚开始不到2个月的时间,抛去国家队比赛日等因素,周五法乙一共进行开售了7期足彩。结果正如上图中显示的那样,不是爆高的头奖,就是诱人的滚存。期期都有超级有料,含金量十足。相比"黑色星期五"这个词,笔者更愿意把法乙足彩命名为"红色星期五",因为一旦红单,那就意味着上百万的彩头!   随着彩民的技术越来越高,足彩的“火锅奖”也越来越频繁。但每逢周五法乙,大家仍然是一脸愁容。“每场对阵都是半斤八两啊”“每场都得防平啊”,蓦然回首,类似的纠结仍历历在目,却也自得其乐。   值得一提的是,小炮在上周五的法乙预测里,共8场比赛的24项预测中,竟幸运的拿下24中17的好成绩,想必给当期购买足彩的彩友带去了价值丰富的参考。[马上查看本期法乙推荐] 小炮上周五法乙成绩   投注毕竟存在风险,兼听则明,参考智能小炮的科学算法,没准能给你带来灵感哦。[新用户首单只需1元]   (潘凤)相关的主题文章: