A new session of the Ningbo Municipal Committee of China Zhi Gong Party elected Wang Liping was elected chairman of the new party Ningbo Municipal Committee elected Wang Liping was elected chairman of the party Chinese yesterday morning, Ningbo city the Sixth Congress of the successful completion of the agenda after success. Wang Liping was elected chairman of the Party of the sixth Ningbo municipal committee. The closing ceremony presided over by the deputy chairman of the Party of the sixth Ningbo Municipal Committee Chen Zaoting. The CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, organization department, the United Front Work Department Minister Yang Liping attended the meeting and made a speech, the party provincial Party committee secretary general Zhang Yueyan attended the meeting. Meeting to seriously study the important speech of General Secretary Xi to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese meeting, passed the "resolution Chinese zhigongdang Ningbo Sixth Congress". Conference believes that over the past five years, the fifth party will hold high the great banner of socialism Chinese, adhere to the socialist road China characteristics, rely on the grassroots organizations and Party members, ningxinjuli, forge ahead, to strengthen self construction, conscientiously fulfill the functions of participating parties, active and innovative social services, expand Overseas Friendship channels, the the party will work to a new level, has made new achievements. The meeting fully affirmed the work of the fifth Municipal Committee, that the fifth municipal Party committee summed up the experience and experience is the continuous progress of the precious wealth of the future development has a strong guiding significance. The conference call, the party organizations at all levels and all the party members should unite closely around the CPC Central Committee General Secretary of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, the Zhejiang provincial Party committee and the party’s leadership, uphold the principle of "working for the public and qiaohai serve the purpose for Party building, according to the" four round "and the" five major strategic layout development of the concept of "forget the beginning of the heart, pragmatic, innovation, unity and struggle, for the Ningbo high level of building a well-off society, to become the major city first team to make greater contributions. The meeting elected through Democratic Party of the sixth Ningbo Municipal Committee, Wang Liping was elected chairman of the committee, Chen Zaoting, Zhang Ying, Xu Weimin, Jucheng elected vice chairman.相关的主题文章: