A large range of the amount of the adjustment of the Shanxi venture capital loan policy

people’s Bank of China Taiyuan branch, the Provincial Department of finance, Provincial Department of human resources and social, jointly formulated the "Shanxi province business loans implementation rules", help entrepreneurs entrepreneurial dream round, according to the "Regulations", the policy of small loans have a greater adjustment.

compared with our province after the implementation of the policy of small loans, the "implementation rules" loans increase, college graduates, to resolve the overcapacity of enterprise workers and the unemployed, migrant workers, network businesses, participatory poverty as well as individual business partners, and has been for "other urban and rural workers employment permit". Covered them. Unified loan amount increased to 100 thousand yuan, and college graduates entrepreneurship partnership or organized the maximum loan amount is 150 thousand yuan; college graduates in the field of new and high technology to achieve their own businesses, the maximum loan amount is 200 thousand yuan; college graduates have been successful entrepreneurship and employment of more than 5 people, may be given a maximum loan of 500 thousand yuan. The term of the loan shall not exceed 3 years from a maximum of no more than 2 years. The loan interest rate adjustment, impoverished county go up no more than 3 percentage points, to meet the conditions of the poor county personal business loans, the financial sector will give full discount. Source: Taiyuan evening news