has been in Africa for two years. In the first half of the year, I was in a state of extreme depression. I have been living in a series of hardship: Why are there so few green leafy vegetables? Why is there no live seafood on the market? Why……

do not know whether it is because of eating habits or what, where the market is selling the most potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green leafy vegetables is rare. Interestingly, small vendors selling vegetables are on the heap to sell, do not know because most of them are not good at math. Here, if anyone in kilograms of vegetables, no doubt, is that nine out of ten Chinese vendors……


two years, it can be said that I have adapted to the environment here. Just because I want to see the shop every day, not very often can buy green leafy vegetables, for me this will not eat vegetables will die star people, this is a torture……

put the vegetables problem aside, we say something good. In Mozambique, the most worthy of mention is the crab, which is what we call red. Here the crab meat is, whether it is steamed with vinegar and ginger or garlic, stir fried, can let you gobble down. In addition, made of lemon cold crab is also a good food to fly before meals. However, the lemon is said to be the best use of local wrinkled skin, so as to fully reflect the flavor of the dish.

in addition to crabs, Mozambique, there are many other seafood, such as grouper, yellow shrimp, after all, rely on the sea.

but you want to get a real fresh, you go to the beach, waiting for the fisherman’s canoe back to shore. When to buy seafood, a tender, all alive and kicking, this is the real "seafood". As for the cold storage, it’s not!

, however, go to the local fish market should be careful. This is a mix of people, every time I come here, I always feel that there are black people in the dark stare at me. Moreover, the fish market here is basically dark days, the fishermen back to the shore, and began trading. Under the dim lights, can buy fresh seafood is very lucky, and you understand to choose. Sometimes bought a big fish, looks very good, back and cut open the stomach that it smells.


cannot say to eat, and hungry, just like I am a chowhound image! In fact, I just love it, always thinking about how to put the ingredients better to eat. After all, love life, first of all from the beginning of the guest chef.

love life, in addition to eat, but also to adapt to the local life. Walking on the land of Africa, you have to get used to all the people who suddenly run to you and ask for your money. Here, to the government officials, police, urban management, to the parking lot does not require him to command the parking of children, no one;