800 dollars will not be able to violate the provisions of these colleges and universities in Tianjin cadres were informed of the eight

1. Li Weifeng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of logistics, Tianjin University to investigate the issue of public funds in exchange for tourism.

November 2014, Li Weifeng led the renovation plan management department management center deputy chief Zhang Hui, deputy chief of the construction management department Teng Jian went to the Hainan University to exchange visits. After the inspection, Li Weifeng, Zhang Hui, Teng Jian 3 people to go to Sanya tourism, and to examine the nominal illegal reimbursement and investigation of independent local accommodation and other expenses totaling 860 yuan. Li Weifeng by the party warning, Zhang Hui, Teng Jian criticized education, and return the illegal reimbursement of expenses.

2. Tianjin Commercial University International Education Exchange Center (regional) General Management Department chief Sun Jiaxin make arrangements for his son wedding accepting illegal gifts problems.

August 2014, Sun Jiaxin is the son of the wedding, invite colleagues to participate in the school, and accepting gifts 8000 yuan, causing adverse effects. Sun Jiaxin by the party warning, and return the gifts of gold.

3. The dean’s office of Tianjin Agricultural University, deputy director of the library branch secretary Wang Lichun for his son to make arrangements for the wedding of accepting illegal gifts problems.

April 2015, Wang Lichun for his son to make arrangements for weddings, banquets are school related personnel 34 people, and accepting gifts 13500 yuan, causing adverse effects. Wang Lichun by the party warning, and return the gifts of gold.

4. , veteran cadres at the Department of illegal payment of subsidies and illegal public funds banquets problem of Chen Jianbo.

from June 2014 to July 2015, approved by Chen Jianbo, the veteran cadres in violation of the provisions of overtime subsidies, cooling subsidies, shopping cards, birthday cards, totaling 57200 yuan. November 2014 and in January 2015, the veteran cadres in violation of the use of retirement funds, public funds to hire school apartment center and trade union staff, a total of 1752 yuan, all have adverse effects. Chen Jianbo by the party warning, and refund illegal payment.

5. College of urban and Environmental Sciences, Tianjin Normal University teacher Song Yiquan violation of public funds.

in October 2015, the school "project of Tianjin geography space information technology center will host the Ministry of science and technology in cooperation with the European Space Agency project senior training class, Song Yiquan inspected for Li Shunde Hotel and the surrounding traffic environment, and his family and friends together to Li Shunde hotel dining, the total cost of 950 yuan, the relevant the cost in engineering center supporting the illegal reimbursement of funds. Song Yiquan by administrative warning, and refund all costs.

6. Deputy general manager of Tianjin University of Science and Technology logistics services group, three of the property is still paid as illegal public funds tourism problems.

July 2014, September, for two times after the Fengxian participated in the three part is the property staff to Shandong sunshine, Hebei Chengde vacation, illegal "