Home-Improvement As the marketing coordinator at Hughes Relocation Services, Inc., an Ocala, Florida moving and storage .pany equipped to handle residential and office moves, Bobby Hughes says there are no hard and fast rules when it .es to dealing with unwanted items before a move. Moving your belongings from one home to another can be stressful and mentally draining. From figuring out logistics to finding trustworthy movers, gearing up for a residential move is certainly no picnic. Many homeowners would agree that the most challenging aspect of moving is none other than packing. And nothing .plicates the act of packing more than having way too much stuff for your own good. Twofold Problem You may not be aware of just how much excess junk you have until you get set to move. After all, its easy to box up rarely-used items, stick them in a basement, and forget that they ever existed. Only once you start your own form of internal inventory are you likely to realize that many of your possessions do not fall under the category of stuff I actually need. When it .es to unwanted belongings for a move, the problem is twofold. First, the more unneeded stuff you take along with you to your new home, the more difficult the unpacking process is going to be. Additionally, the more items you have, the longer its going to take your movers to load up their truck and transport everything over to your new place of residence which can end up costing you, as most residential and office movers charge by the hour. Donate Useful Items to Charity When faced with the situation of having unwanted items around for a move, you basically have four choices: pay to transport them, sell them, donate them, or throw them away. Which option makes the most sense? For the most part, I like to encourage my customers to donate as many useful items as possible to charity. Donating your unwanted items to charity is a good option for many reasons. On a karmic level, giving the things you dont want to those who are less fortunate is clearly a good way to go. Furthermore, by dropping your belongings off at a local charity rather than the nearby junk yard, youll be saving yourself money in two ways. First, you wont have to pay for the time it will take your movers to haul those unwanted items out of your house and onto their truck. And second, youll probably receive a receipt for your donation that can be used as a deduction on your in.e taxes. Incidentally, the idea of donating unwanted items to charity applies to office moves as well as those that are residential. If youre in charge of your .panys move, then consider giving superfluous items away in exchange for a tax write-off. Youll be helping your numbers while building some local goodwill. Sell Some of Your Possessions As nice as it would be to simply box up all of your unwanted belongings and offer them up to charity, its also a good idea to sell some of your possessions in exchange for a modest profit. After all, moving isnt cheap. You can make a little money on the side by unloading your unwanted belongings onto those who are willing to buy them. If youre going to attempt to go the sales route, then try to get started on the process right away. Selling your possessions can take time, even if you are familiar with how to do so over the Inter.. Remember, youll probably need to take pictures, post item descriptions, and manage the bidding and shipping processes. Under normal circumstances, this may seem perfectly doable, but dont f.et that you still have the rest of your house to tend to and pack. Finally, if you decide to sell some of your stuff before you move, then dont make the mistake of neglecting those items that do need to be packed up with care. Remember, just try to make a decision about your unwanted items as quickly as possible, whether you decide to transport, sell, donate, or toss out them. The sooner you get rid of your unneeded belongings before your moving date, the easier the rest of the packing process will be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: