Travel-and-Leisure .es again the sweltering month of May, one of the hottest months all over the country. With summer .es the summer vacation and family men like me or singles or couples (aah… the good old days) do not like to stay in homes or get drenched with sweat outside the house. I so wanted to have a good vacation in the hills nearby and relax for a day or two. My first choice was Lonavala or Bhandardara but a friend suggested Igatpuri. He said it’s a great destination for a perfect holiday. I always wanted new picnic resorts and this was something new. So I chose the right day and took my family to this scenic hill station. I just knew Igatpuri as a stop by on the Expressway but I never looked at it as a hill station. It is just 1.5 hours drive from main city and nestled amidst Sahyadris makes it one of the best hill station. Resort hunting was a task in this land replete with greenery and beautiful nature. The climate there was really great. The day climate though was 4-5 degrees less than Mumbai but the humidity was much less than the city. The night temperature was amazing. Travelling to Igatpuri itself was adventurous wherein you have to drive through the Ghats to reach the destination. The reason why I immediately agreed to my friend’s suggestion was because Igatpuri falls on the NH3 highway and is very to close to Nashik city and how can I Bhandardara one of the place to have breathtaking waterfalls. But indeed it was the month of May and you don’t get to see waterfalls without rain. So we had to choose a good resort in Igatpuri with different kind of activities around the beautiful nature. My kids, Ahana and Atharva wanted to do some adventure activities. Me and my wife, Sapna were also interested in those. They reminded us of our Honeymoon in Shimla & Kufri. Hence, we were also on the lookout for an Adventure Resort. The resort we chose was located on the other end of the town but was surrounded by the mighty mountains and lush green land also I could have a glimpse of activities like Rapelling and Ziplining being tried out by fellow passengers. Excitement to experience these activities was way beyond imagination. I could simply brand this resort as one of the best adventure resorts near city. I also wanted to get close to nature and hence I was on the lookout for resorts offering nature trails.Residents are lucky to be close to many naturally available ghats, hill stations, etc. We on the other hand have a plain terrain and nature trails or mountain trails is very difficult. Copyright (c) 2013 Amol Welling About the Author: 相关的主题文章: