Travel-and-Leisure There are lots of ways in which you can enjoy a Napa Valley winery tour. Keep in mind that this experience does not always happen so it’s good to enjoy it to the fullest as you are finally able to get it. So how do you exactly get to enjoy a Napa Valley winery tour? Here are a few ways you can refer to: Go with a group Although the prospect of arranging your own tour seems too tempting to miss out on, that option might be a good idea to do if you are .ing back in the region for another time already. But if it’s your first time to do so, it will be best if you sign up for a local tour first wherein you would have to go in a group. Don’t think of it as a limited experience, because you can also gain a lot of new friends in the process. If you go on a group Napa Valley winery tour, you can pick up lots of important tips from your tour guide plus you can also gain access to special places which you may not reach on your own. Do your research After signing up for a group tour, don’t just rest on your belly and let the tour unfold before you on the day itself. Keep in mind that each tour you might be able to experience will have its own golden history behind it. More than just looking forward to what drinks you will be submerging in, it would also be a good idea to understand the process that goes behind pouring those exquisite wines into each bottle. Take lots of pictures Do not let yourself get too caught up with the possibility of drinking. Take as much pictures as you can during the trip. While the whole experience may turn out to be too overwhelming at first, make time to be.e a shutterbug as well and let your camera document every inch of detail you can take pictures of in every trip you will be in. Food and wine pairing This is one of the most popular activities observed in a Napa Valley wine tour. However, this may not always .e during the tour itself but may be experienced during meal times. Take advantage of the restaurants in the region by asking for house specialties which usually .e with its own wine. Pairings are done so that your taste buds can get the full benefit of tasting wine and having it is a not-to-be-missed food partner. Purchase a few bottles If there is a particular wine which you can’t seem to get enough of, do not hesitate to buy one. Aside from being a support to the tourism in the region even further, you will also find that some of the wines available in the Napa Valley wine tour are less expensive as they are sold out in the regular grocery store or your nearer local market back home. Plus, sellers in Napa Valley will also give you the liberty to taste their wine before you decide to buy it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: