Is there such as thing as the best laptop? Its a bit like asking what is the best car. Its all relative to the individual in regards to needs and requirements so really there is no laptop that can be called the best. Finding a laptop thats right for your needs, firstly we need to begin with a base specification that should be standard on just about every laptop Wired and wireless network cards built in 2gb or ram minimum and the hard disk should be at least 80gb, just about every later version of an operating system, applications or games are generally larger than its previous versions requiring much more hard disk space, and now a 40gb hard drive is simply not large enough. What else needs to be considered? Size / Portability Processor or CPU Operating system Graphics USB Ports CD/DVD drive Screen Size Aesthetics Laptop Role Saving Money. Size Weight and Portability The most .mon screen sizes on laptop are around 13-15 inches, as this is the most .mon it will mean the lowest prices when .paring smaller or larger laptops with the same specification, which is nice if your out to save some money, if you travel around a lot then lugging around a heavy laptop pc could be more in physio fees than the overall price of the laptop, so lots of travelling makes a smaller type of laptop a real blessing, you have to also think even if the laptop itself is not overly heavy, add the weight of the AC/mains adapter, a case, plus all the other little bits you need to carry, it can make it pretty heavy especially if carried around for long periods. The same really cannot really be said with 17 laptops, if you are looking for one with a larger screen thats ok, but if you need to travel a lot why not purchase a small laptop and then put the extra cash towards getting an external screen which will be bigger and can also be used at the same time as the laptop screen, in effect giving extra viewing space. CPU / Processor The CPU has changed a great deal over the last few years and it now seems .panies are bolting on more processor cores to get even more processor power from a single chip. Currently a laptop needs to have a dual core CPU to run the later generation of applications well, and as such dual core processors are the standard at the moment, the two most .mon are AMDs Turion 64 x2 and Intels Core Duo, they both are very good CPUs, but I have found AMD to have the edge due to it being a little cheaper, although if you do not mind waiting and have the money there are some ultra fast Quad core laptops .ing onto the market any time now. The Operating system If you want a laptop with Windows XP and you have found you can only purchase with Windows Vista (which is more .mon now) do not just presume that you can simply wipe away Vista and replace with XP, a lot of new pc hardware may not have XP drivers developed for it, this can create real headaches when trying to change over to XP. Graphics Cards it is generally not possible to replace or upgrade the video capabilities on a laptop .puter, usually whatever video card is installed thats what your laptops stuck with, If you are into gaming or need other high end graphic performance the laptop will need a graphics card with dedicated memory, otherwise graphic performance of your application will suffer if it involves in depth graphics or high end gaming. USB ports How many is enough, the average amount of USB ports on a laptop is around 3-4 this may sound like enough, but once you plug in a keyboard printer mouse flash drive they are all in use, you could always purchase a hub, as they are pretty cheap, but the easiest options is to buy a laptop with more ports than you need in the first place. Another point to check, every laptop should have USB 2 ports, but its worth checking this as USB 1 is around 10 times slower. CD/DVD drive – much of the information given in regard to CD/DVD drives can be confusing when we hear the terms Dual layer or CD/RW DVD/Rom, most laptops today should simply have a Dual layer DVD writer this will enable you to read and write to CDs and DVDs and play them both too. Screen size this was covered to a certain degree with the portability of the laptop as above. The larger the screen the heavier its going to be, and unless the laptop has a larger heavy duty battery, power consumption will be more too, there are also some very nice screen technologies around including tru brite which give the screen a nice glossy look. Aesthetics or the Look of the Laptop which would you prefer, a sluggish laptop that looks nice or a lightning fast machine that resembles a house brick? When you look for a laptop there is a very large range to choose from, if you cannot find what your looking for with one manufacturer or type try another and realistically you should not have to .promise on spec or looks, but if you have to .promise a little .promise on the looks a little but not on the spec. Laptop role what will the laptop be used for, general Internet browsing word documents, pretty much any laptop could do this standing on its head, so the world of laptops is your Oyster. Business applications large spreadsheets etc, then mid power will be fine, do not need to worry too much about the graphic abilities and a shared memory type should be fine. Gaming or high end graphics require the most powerful processors and graphics cards, be prepared to dig deep if you want to play the latest games with all the extra effects switched on. Save Money If you would like a very good laptop for a cheaper price (who would not to be fair) there are a few choices, maybe a second user laptop, you can save a plenty of cash this way, but you are somewhat exposed if you dont know what you are looking at, and you could end up with a laptop with no end of problems or maybe one that is not all that it seems, plus unless it still has some type of warranty left you could be taking a big risk. Refurbished laptop .puters offer a much safer way to save money, you will hopefully also get a warranty as well. The bargain basements offers many large retail stores very often have clearances or special offers which can be very good value, check around on the stores website for laptop models that have been superseded or replaced by newer models, again there are some very good machines to be had this way, but be prepared to hunt around a lot as there are always people on the look out for these. Checkout more articles at .puter-adviser.. 相关的主题文章: