Yancheng network transmission granny pengci old lady hit the truth warm in October 5th, a netizen in the "forum prime riverside" issued a entitled "Rong seaweed north gate of an old woman sitting field to block the traffic" post, Post said an old lady was riding a tricycle knocked down to make people sit and say, the area was a traffic jam. Posts in the local users of WeChat circle of friends crazy turn off, the first reaction is that most users are not the old man pengci. Today (7), the reporter with the site’s director together to visit the scene, through news parties and witnesses witnessed the scene to restore the truth of the event. Granny: we didn’t want to hit the family hit a penny in the grandma happy District, the reporter saw the old lady was the eldest son Fang wen. At the time of the incident, he was ready with his younger brother drove to Holland play flowers. "After receiving the neighbor Wang Bin call, thought the 80 year old mother was not a small thing, the 5 of us would have rushed to the scene, Wang Bin, Liu Genbao and other neighbors, many well intentioned people always accompany my mother, the old man in a sweat, hand with a lot of blood." Fang Wen told reporters, heard in the butt is not very young, but also suffered from cancer had surgery, their 5 siblings did not intend to embarrass people, check the thought first sent to the nearest hospital of Dafeng. "Before and after the check to buy medicine, spent a total of 400 yuan of money, we do not have to charge a penny granny." Fang Wen said, "after examination, the elderly in addition to scapular congestion, ligament injury, there is no serious problems such as fracture." Neighbor: just do not know I can’t stand by Mrs. Fang was sitting near neighbour, Wang Bin happened to pass by, stopped to understand the situation. Then see grandma vegetables may be afraid to compensation, while that is party’s own hit her tricycle, while saying he had surgery or cancer patients. He advised selling Grandma: "don’t worry, grandma is my neighbor, her children are show common people, others will not embarrass you." Looking at the old man seems to be a problem, he also neighbors Liu Genbao help the elderly up to see if there is any pain. When the reporter asked the elderly to have no worries, Wang Bin said: "such an old man sitting on the ground, which can be indifferent?" Don’t be a neighbor, I don’t know. I can’t stand by." Wang Bin also told a details: "grandma stood up to see his walking, ready to let her go into Grandma, we advised her that before children to go to the hospital to check, then there is no problem selling vegetables let Grandma go no later." Granny: let me into the hospital hospitalization, I don’t agree with "I was riding a tricycle to the market to buy food, vegetables, in order to let Grandma know where the car in the middle, hit me." Fang grandmother told reporters the day before yesterday morning, "at that time selling corn, small business people, many people see."." Because of the sudden incident, Fang grandmother sat down on the ground, scared out of sweat. Vegetables that grandma has nothing to do with her neighbors want to go, as well as the crowd of people afraid of serious injury would not allow her to go, this is a lot of people around. Chinese medicine hospital doctor as a precaution, advice grandma hospitalization, grandma grandma selling party money, also said that my house is on here, I am not a patient. Really"

盐城网传老太撞老太“碰瓷”事件真相暖人心 10月5日,一网友在“卯酉河畔”论坛发了一则题为《荣海菜场北大门一老太坐地阻碍交通》的帖子,帖子称一位老太太被一骑三轮车的人碰倒坐地讨要说法,并导致该区域一度交通堵塞。帖子一发即在当地网友的微信朋友圈疯转开来,大都数网友的第一反应是这老人是不是“碰瓷”的。今天(7日),记者同该网站的负责人一起到现场走访,通过新闻当事人和现场目击群众的讲述还原事件真相。被撞老太家属:我们没要撞人老奶奶一分钱在幸福小区,记者见到了被撞老太太的大儿子方文。事发当时,他正准备同二弟开车去荷兰花海游玩。“在接到邻居王斌电话后,心想80岁的老母亲被撞可不是小事情,我们兄妹5人就都第一时间赶到现场,邻居王斌、刘根宝等不少好心人一直陪着我母亲,老人一身的汗,手上还沾有不少血迹。”方文告诉记者,在听说撞人者也年纪不小了,还患过癌开过刀,他们5兄妹也没打算为难人家,心想先送去就近的大丰中医院检查一下。“前后检查买药,一共花掉400多元钱,我们没有要撞人老奶奶一分钱。”方文说,“经检查,老人除了肩胛骨有淤血,韧带受伤外,没有发生骨折等严重的问题。”邻居:就是不认识的我也不能袖手旁观方老太太被撞坐地不久,邻居王斌正巧路过,便停下来了解情况。当时看到卖菜老奶奶可能害怕要赔偿,一会儿说是方奶奶自己撞到她的三轮车,一会儿说自己开过刀还是癌症患者。他劝卖菜老奶奶:“你不要担心,方奶奶是我的邻居,她的儿女都是通情达理的人,人家不会为难你。”期间看老人似乎问题不大,他还和邻居刘根宝扶老人起来来看有没有哪里疼。当记者问扶老人有没有顾虑时,王斌说:“这么大年纪的老人坐在地上,哪能不闻不问?不要说是邻居,就是不认识的我也不能袖手旁观。”王斌还讲了一个细节:“方奶奶站起来后看自己还能走动,就准备让撞她的奶奶走了,我们都劝她说先等儿女到了去医院查一下,没有问题再让卖菜奶奶走不迟。”被撞老太:医院让我住院观察我不同意“我本来是骑着三轮车去菜场买菜,哪知道卖菜的奶奶为了让中间的车,撞倒了我。”方奶奶告诉记者前天早上的情形,“当时卖玉米的、做小生意的人很多,大家都看到的。”因事发突然,方奶奶跌坐在地上吓出一身汗。卖菜老奶奶认为与她无关想走,邻居还有围观的人怕伤的严重就不准她走,这才围了许多人。中医院医师为慎重起见,建议方奶奶住院观察,方奶奶心疼卖菜老奶奶花钱,还说我家就靠这儿,我不住院。真相:撞人老妪夸被撞的老太是“活菩萨”最后,记者还走访了现场目击者卖玉米的沈老板,沈老板说:“这两个老人他都很熟悉,但被撞老太太家里的儿女真的没一个跟卖菜的老奶奶说什么难听的话,最后卖菜奶奶还是被撞老人子女送到菜场的呢,卖菜的奶奶一下车就跟我说‘宝吧,我今天遇到了活菩萨啊,人家儿子好呢,一分钱没有要我用啊。’”沈老板回忆前天的情景仍然激动不已,“撞人的老奶奶夸被撞的老太太是‘活菩萨’,这倒是很少见,说明社会上还是好人多!”相关的主题文章: