12 China signed the TPP agreement with the United Nations human rights experts oppose: there are defects in the original title: 12 China signed the TPP agreement with the United Nations human rights experts: against defects [global network reporter Fang Fang] the United States, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysian, Mexican, Peruvian, Singapore and Vietnam 12 national 2 4 April in Auckland officially signed the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) protocol. However, trade openness has always been a double-edged sword". Therefore, the opposition to the TPP agreement has never been interrupted. The United Nations human rights experts: should not be signed the UN radio news that the United Nations human rights expert Alfred · to promote democracy and fair international order; Desayasi (Alfred de Zayas), 4 signed the "trans Pacific Partnership" with the public interest expense, strengthen investor, multinational companies and monopoly the position of the group, have a negative impact on the labor standards, food security, health and environmental protection. De Zayas pointed out that the trade agreement is not an independent free legal mechanism, but must comply with the basic norms of international law, including transparency and accountability. Trade agreements should not delay, circumvent or impair international human rights treaty obligations, or make it impossible for the performance of international human rights treaty obligations. American University: participation in employment will be plunged according to Japanese media after the news, the Tufts University estimates released, once the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) came into force, Japan’s gross domestic product (GDP) will be more effective in TPP 10 years ago to reduce by 0.12%, and about 74 thousand of people are unemployed. Tufts University, the paper said, from 2015 to 2025 10 years, the United States and Japan GDP will be reduced by 0.54% and 0.12%, and the remaining 10 countries involved in TPP GPD despite the boost, but the increase will not be great. The analysis shows that the TPP effect will be caused by a heavy blow to the employment, the 12 participating countries will total about 771 thousand people facing unemployment, the U.S. unemployment scale of about 448 thousand people. New Zealand protests from all walks of life, according to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao February 4th news, the agreement triggered protests from all walks of life in new zealand. The day was held at the signing ceremony, many protesters held demonstrations in the morning the signing ceremony was held in the park surrounding the streets in Oakland, holding banners, shouting slogans to express their dissatisfaction. Some analysts say the TPP agreement is known as the world’s largest regional free trade agreement. The 12 participating countries account for 40% of the global economy. TPP members can learn from each other. However, the interests of the member countries or the interests of certain industries may be affected by other countries, which is particularly prominent in tariff. From the current situation, although the TPP has been signed, but it will be still unknown by all Member States, and the influence of political factors such as the U.S. presidential election.

12国正式签署TPP协议 联合国人权专家反对:存在缺陷   原标题:12国正式签署TPP协议 联合国人权专家反对:存在缺陷  【环球网综合报道 记者 方芳】美国、日本、澳大利亚、文莱、加拿大、智利、马来西亚、墨西哥、新西兰、秘鲁、新加坡和越南12个国家2月4日在奥克兰正式签署了跨太平洋伙伴关系协定(TPP)协议。但是,贸易开放一直都是一把双刃剑,有领域受益,就有领域“受伤”。因此,对于TPP协议的反对之声一直没有间断过。   联合国人权专家:不应得到签署   联合国广播电台消息称,联合国促进民主与公平国际秩序的人权专家阿尔弗雷德·德萨亚斯(Alfred de Zayas)认为,4日签署的《跨太平洋合作伙伴关系》将以公众的利益为代价,加强投资者、跨国公司和垄断集团的地位,对劳工标准、粮食保障、健康和环境保护产生负面影响。   德萨亚斯指出,贸易协定不是独立游离的法律机制,而必须符合国际法的基本准则,包括透明度与问责度。贸易协定也不应延迟、规避、损害国际人权条约义务,或者使得国际人权条约义务的履行变得不可能。   美国大学:参与国就业将遭重挫   据日媒此前消息,美国塔夫茨大学公布的估算结果显示,一旦跨太平洋伙伴关系协定(TPP)生效,日本国内生产总值(GDP)就将在10年间较TPP生效前减少0.12%,并有约7.4万人失业。塔夫茨大学的论文称,2015年至2025年的10年间美国与日本的GDP将分别减少0.54%和0.12%,而参与TPP的其余10国GPD虽然受到提振,但增幅不会很大。   该论文分析认为,TPP生效将对就业造成沉重打击,12个参与国总计将有约77.1万人面临失业,其中美国失业规模在44.8万人左右。   新西兰各界抗议   另据新加坡《联合早报》2月4日消息,该协定引发新西兰各界抗议。在签字仪式举行的当天,不少抗议者一大早在奥克兰举行签字仪式周边的街道公园中举行示威活动,举着标语、高喊口号,表达他们的不满。   有分析称,TPP协定号称全球最大区域自由贸易协定。12个参与国加起来所占全球经济比重达到了40%。TPP成员国可以取长补短。但是,成员国的国家利益或某些产业的利益可能会因此受到他国的冲击,这一问题在关税方面尤其突出。从目前的情况来看,虽然TPP已经签字,但是否会获得所有成员国的通过还是一个未知数,加上美国大选等政治因素的影响对于协定的不确定性还非常大。相关的主题文章: