The two man in the building for investment and illegal deposits from the public more than 30 million detainees – Sohu news Beijing Chongqing in February 23,   (Sun Hanmin Liu Xianglin) two men in the construction investment as bait, promised to pay 3 of the monthly interest rate of high returns, absorb public deposits of more than 3000 after fled. The 23 reporters from Chongqing Yubei police that two people on suspicion of the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits have been detained by the police. Yubei District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment received a report at the end of January Du, said in October 2014, met through a friend of a Sichuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Chongqing branch is responsible for more than xx. I often need to pay construction to XX deposit in the name, commitment to the monthly interest rate of 3 interest rates to borrow dumou. Dumou that would lend considerable interest, Yu Moumou 1 million yuan, after two months of Yu Moumou with interest returned to the Du mou. Dumou think Yu Moumou is outspoken, after one year, Yu Moumou repeatedly borrow Dumou are responsive, Yu Moumou also can return as scheduled. At the end of December 2015, Yu Moumou to borrow Dumou 5 million, based on many times before borrowing to build trust, Dumou not from your company money, also accept employees and friends will lend 5 million yuan Commission, Yu moumou. In accordance with the law before Yu Moumou money, after a month he will be repayment by the end of January 2016, Dumou found Yu Moumou call. Dumou to find him more than a company, but found empty. After receiving the alarm, police immediately carry out investigation. After preliminary police investigation found that Yu Moumou, Luo Moumou responsible for the Sichuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Chongqing branch is a middleman, is not engaged in the construction, but with high interest as bait, not specific to the community than the borrower, and then take the money to bid. Once the bid project, two people and then transferred to other construction companies, earn post. Due to the frequent need to bid for large sums of money, 2 people with high interest as bait, has borrowed to people over 30 million yuan. The police investigation was informed that Yu Moumou and Luo Moumou has his wife fled to Yunnan. In February 21st, the Yunnan police support, Chongqing police will Yu Moumou and Luo Moumou arrested. At present, the suspect Yu Moumou and Luo Moumou has been under criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. 两男子以建筑投资为幌非法吸收公众存款逾3000万被拘-搜狐新闻  中新网重庆2月23日电  (孙寒敏 刘相琳)两男子以建筑投资为诱饵,承诺支付3分月息的高额回报,吸收公众存款3000余万后潜逃。记者23日从重庆渝北警方获悉,两人因涉嫌非法吸收公众存款罪已被警方刑事拘留。  渝北区公安分局经侦支队1月底接到杜某报案,称其在2014年10月,通过朋友认识了四川某建筑工程有限公司重庆分公司负责人余某某。余某某经常以需交纳建筑工程保证金为名,承诺以月息3分的高息向杜某借钱。杜某认为利息可观,就借给余某某100万元,两个月后余某某连本带息还给了杜某。杜某认为余某某为人直爽,此后一年时间里,余某某多次借钱杜某都有求必应,余某某也能如期归还。  2015年12月底,余某某又向杜某借钱500万,基于之前多次借款建立的信任,杜某不仅从自己的公司拿出钱,还接受员工及亲朋好友委托,将500万元借给余某某。按照之前余某某借钱的规律,一个月后他会还款,可到了2016年1月底,杜某却发现余某某电话打不通。杜某到余某某公司找他,却发现早已人去楼空。  接到报警后,民警立刻进行侦查。经警方初步调查发现,余某某、罗某某负责的四川某建筑工程有限公司重庆分公司其实是一中间商,并没有从事建筑工程,而是以高额利息为诱饵,向社会不特定多人借款,然后拿钱去投标。一旦中标工程,两人再转手给其他建筑公司,从中赚取差价。由于经常投标需大笔资金,2人因此以高额利息为饵,先后向多人借款超3000万元。  民警进一步调查获悉,余某某、罗某某已携妻带子逃往云南。2月21日,在云南警方支持下,重庆警方将余某某和罗某某抓获。  目前,犯罪嫌疑人余某某、罗某某已被警方刑事拘留,案件还在进一步侦办中。相关的主题文章: