The 3 month Yali tragic loss of 45% star private leaves fly overdraft trust sina finance Level2:A shares Sina Finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor Chinese Economic Net Beijing on February 22nd news (reporter Guan Jing) recently, private equity funds have to disclose the performance in January. Data show that 3226 equity private equity funds have been announced earnings in January, the average income of -13.28%. Surprisingly, the monthly return loss in many products, some of the stars of private equity products unexpectedly appear huge loss. Last year, the high income Yitian Yali No. 3 gains of 333.90% in annual revenue, ranking second in January this year, but on the loss of 4513%. Behind the trader Ye Fei, general manager of Cci Capital Ltd, had been punished by the commission. Last year, ye Fei suspected of manipulating "Xinwei group" and "Jinxi axle", "JAC" and "aotexun" and "green treasure" and other 5 stocks, by the Commission to confiscate the illegal income 6 million 638 thousand yuan, and impose a fine of 19 million 910 thousand yuan. In addition to being punished, ye Fei also served as a EMBA president class teaching teacher, resulting in more than 300 million students invested 250 million yuan in total amount of funds, the loss of more than 100 million yuan. The zqgame is one of Ye Fei "stock texunban" to guide students to buy shares. In addition to zqgame, ye Fei was also in the WeChat group to participate in the "stock texunban" students introduced Xinwei group. Public information shows, ye Fei graduated from a university in Jiangsu, in 1994 began to enter the Chinese stock market, private equity investment in 2003, in 2007 won the CCTV China stock market folk master contest champion. At present, he manages the Huaibei heaven Investment Limited company, manages more than 50 privately operated products. By the industry as a representative of the grassroots faction, investment style preferred short-term operation. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

倚天雅莉3号一月惨亏45% 明星私募叶飞透支信任 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   中国经济网北京2月22日讯(记者关婧)近日,股票型私募基金1月业绩陆续披露。数据显示,已经公布收益的3226只股票型私募基金1月平均收益为-13.28%。令人感到意外的是,在众多月度收益亏损的产品中,一些明星私募产品出乎意料地出现巨亏。   去年,“倚天雅莉3号”斩获333.90%的高收益,在年度收益排行榜第二名,但在今年一月就亏损4513%。其背后的操盘手倚天投资管理有限公司的总经理叶飞,此前曾被证监会处罚。去年叶飞涉嫌操纵“信威集团”、“晋西车轴”、“江淮汽车”、“奥特迅”、“中青宝”等5只股票,被证监会没收违法所得663.8万元,并处以1991万元罚款。   除了被罚,叶飞还因担任某EMBA总裁班的授课老师,致使多名学员在投入2.5亿到3亿元的总资金量后,亏损额超过亿元。其中中青宝正是叶飞指导“股票特训班”学员买入的股票之一。除了中青宝,叶飞还曾在微信群里向参加“股票特训班”学员介绍过信威集团。   公开资料显示,叶飞毕业于江苏某大学,1994年始涉足中国证券市场,2003年进行机构私募投资,2007年获得CCTV中国股市民间高手大赛总冠军。目前他掌管的淮北市倚天投资有限公司,共管理着50多只私募产品。被业内认为是草根派的代表人物,投资风格上偏爱短线操作。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: